Birthday Tacos!

Stopped by the Mexican grocery store yesterday. They had a full selection of the normal meat offerings.
Got some carne asada and some carne al pastor to grill today for my birthday. Was supposed to have a bunch of friends over, but those plans changed with this stupid virus stuff going on.


Cooking the meat on the Q and and veggies will go on the Genesis. I like the tight grates on the Q for the taco meat plus I haven't used the Q since giving it a new blue paint job.


I'll post some cooked pictures in a few hours after I've cooked them!
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Rich G

I'll be checking back in for your next round of photos! Tacos sound good.....I'll have to hit the local carniceria!

Love the blue 'do on the Q! That's a great color!


Ryan Burke

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Just did tacos last night on my Genesis . Had some chicken breasts and marinated them for 2 hours in Webers Mojo marinade recipe that I have been using for years. After the marinade I injected the breasts with the marinade and cook them whole and sliced for the tacos with a homemade pico. Love tacos


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Nice, I’m a 49ers fan! I’ve got this on the way. Not sure what the finished product looks like yet. It’s a grate for my kettle. 304 stainless, 3/16” thick.CA6134F2-5BEB-4CA1-9D2E-3E89E1BD3499.jpeg
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Wow! That thing looks amazing! Looks like that might be the last kettle grate you'll have to purchase ever!
That’s the plan, at least that’s what I’m definitely telling the wife!! I hope it arrives tomorrow its been stuck at UPS for 3-4 days. Getting nervous!