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What is the best replacement thermometer for my 22.5 WSM, is you can supply a link that would be awesome

Chris Allingham

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Dustin Dorsey

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I just replaced mine with another Weber because it fits the Bezel. I find the Weber to be not that bad, but they will eventually lock up. I'd much rather have the tel-tru. I just really like the look of the bezel.


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Surprised nobody has replied. I have been wondering what people would suggest.

I read at the top vent with a 6" turkey fryer therm.
It's not a direct replacement for the Weber OEM therm so that's why I didn't reply.:)



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I put a 2" River Country glow in the dark one on mine.

You don't use the beizel and have to enlarge the hole with it as well.


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The 22.5" WSM thermometer has a 2.25" dial face, and most replacements seem to be 2" or 2.5" or 3".

My advice would be to discard the bezel, enlarge the stock hole to 3/4" using a 3/4" metal hole saw and install a Tel-Tru BQ300 with 2.5" stem and installation kit. Looks real sharp.

You can see an example with photos at the top of this page:

You'll be hard pressed to find a better stem thermometer than a Tel-Tru.

I installed this yesterday. The BQ300 seemed to be a tiny bit larger than the 3/4 hole tho. Had to widen it a little more.
I bought the 4 inch River Country Thermometer. I want to just enlarge the existing hole where the original was but it looks like if I do this it will merge with the little slot hole that sits above the original hole in the lid. Anyone chime in if this will be an issue or do I need to relocate another area on the lid.

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Chris Allingham

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You don't need that little slot anymore and it shouldn't be an issue. Just drill-out the existing hole. Most will make the hole big enough so rather than screw in the new therm it just drops cleanly into the hole. Place a big washer over the threads first so it stands off the surface of the lid a bit and gives a neat look, fasten from the inside.


Kelley Brown

Surprised nobody has replied. I have been wondering what people would suggest.
I was in Westlake hardware today and saw one of these for almost 25 bucks.
My next door neighbor has the same one on his drum smoker. He smokes way more meat than I do.
If I needed a thermometer I would probably give it a try.

I bought a couple of those for my offset smoker. One of them was well sealed, the other one allowed water in almost immediately. Temps were accurate the first year. Can't speak to their longevity since I sold that smoker.

TelTru on my other smokers.


Im going to purchase the tel tru BQ 300 for my 18.5, the weber gauge worked fine for a year or so but is now about 50 degrees off in the mid range temp section after getting some moisture in I wouldnt mind the larger dial anyway


Can you adjust the Tel-Tru? I’m leaning towards the River Country RC-T3W so I can actually make it read the temp at the grate level...otherwise I don’t see much value in a lid therm at all.

Chris Allingham

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Tel-Tru makes barbecue thermometers that can be adjusted. Any thermometer on this page with a model number ending in "R" can be adjusted.

I will say, however, that in my opinion it's a fool's errand to try to adjust a lid thermometer to reflect grate temperature, as I explained in this recent video:


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Just curious why you'd prefer the 2.5" stem vs the 4" Tel-Tru? I'd think the 4" would give a more precise reading. Any insight is appreciated. Thanks!

Jim Bloomfield

The one Chris recommended is the real deal. We have used them for years on different BBQ including WSM. The 2.5 stem vs the 4 very little difference in temp reading. The longer stem can hit some foods