BBQ As A Gift.


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Hi Folks.

There are a few birthday's coming up within the family. I'm tired of racking my brains to find a gift for someone who has everything. I want to do something different.

Does anyone think would it be acceptable to gift someone fine, homemade bbq/charcuterie? (PP, PSB, smoked salmon etc). The reason I ask is because in the past I have received food gifts, & have been really happy with it.

If I turned up at your birthday party and handed over to you, for example, a 2lb home cured/smoked salmon would you be genuinely happy?


Chris Arnold

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I think thats a lovely idea Tony. some people baulk at spending a lot on 'fine dining' - so being presented with something they wouldnt normally purchase should be appreciated.
My sister has just asked us to BBQ for them at their 35th wedding anniversary do - and offered to pay for the food. Can't think what to buy them - so doing the food for free instead :)


A few years ago, realizing that she had too much "stuff", my mother established an "edible gifts only" rule, and my traditional "thank you gift" to friends and family is some sort of food (usually BBQ because it gives me an excuse to cook something).

I think it's a great idea, especially if it's something personal (ie: you know they like) and it can be packaged such that they don't need to eat it straight away (ie: vacuum-sealed & frozen so they can have it when they'd like - be sure to include reheating instructions!).

Pat G

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Tony, my birthday is in November. I'll send you my address so you can mail my gift.:)


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From the three responses, it looks like it might be a good idea. Thank you.

ChadV. That was my thought exactly. Some q that they especially liked.

PatG. I'd do that in a heartbeat, but there are SERIOUS restrictions sending foodstuffs across the pond. :)


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I have always given food gifts at Christmas and everyone loved them, especially the year I smoked some geese. I think most folks appreciate home prepared food gifts especially if they smell smokey.


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Food is always good as a gift in our house. It takes more love and time than just buying something. Just make sure it's something they like.

Timothy F. Lewis

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If it weren't for all the restrictions,my birthday is next Friday! Since you can't send me anything delightful, indulge yourself with my gratitude!