Battery-Operated HeaterMeter Finished!

J.R. Norris

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Hey guys, finally got this all-in-one battery powered HM up and working. Thanks to Tom Cole for the design of the case, which I blatantly ripped-off for my own design. I know the printing of my case isn't great and the printer will need more adjustments. Everything fit, so it wasn't a big deal to me that it wasn't perfect.

The batteries and charging circuit are from Amazon.

It's wired in a way so that I can power the HM directly from the standard 12V jack, power the HM from the battery by flipping the switch, or charge the battery with HM either off or on.



I like its wide enough to stand up by itself.

Be cool if someone made a case that sat naturally at angle for viewing. Kind of triangular. Simple box rectangle has no necessary function.


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Any chance of sharing the STL files for this? It would be great to not have to run wires each time I smoke. also whats your runtime?


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That's awesome. Love this. Would like to do as the next project for my heater meter. Just finished a smokey joe build so I'd like another smoker project before spring gets here!

Can you share the stl files?