Anybody have experience with these thermometers?


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Bruce, I tried the sticky plastic magnetic strips and what I had was not strong enough. It slid down the side of the fridge. I taped on three rare earth button magnets as shown in the picture. Actually too strong as one might have been enough. No interference to the receiver though, even with three and I used it that way all summer. Will try and maybe epoxy them on, but not until the warranty is expired next spring. And I have to make sure I can still get the cover off to replace the battery.

Sorry Jon for sort of hijacking this thread.

Richard, I got mine all set up. I was at HF yesterday and grabbed a tube of rare earth magnets (10 for $2.75). I super glued one on each corner of my Smoke remote and all is good now. It holds great on regular steel. The picture below is stuck to my refrigerator. It is easy to pull off and I could always add another magnet or two, but for surfaces like the fridge and likely the genesis control panel or frame, it would be perfect. And no interference with the battery door either.



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I might just buy one of those. One thing I really miss is my Bosch oven. It had a probe so rather than a timer you set a temp. Once meat reached target oven went off. Being an electric oven it held temps MUCH better than a gas one and was much more accurate. I.E. I could do a standing rib roast in there. Insert the probe. Set it for my desired low temp of 110. Oven would turn off and beep. So I would know to let it simply rest. Then I would remove the roast, crank the oven to 450-500 and put the roast back in for final sear. Perfect results every time

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"FWIW I came across this ATK video this AM. "

I watched that one also. Some of the critiques seemed a bit nitpicky to me.


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I know...................right? Common, if you can't figure out if a steak is done because the readings are 2 deg off you have bigger issues than trying to cook. You need someone to tie your shoes


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Well I cooked chicken last night on the Genesis as promised and used the new thermo. Quite happy with it's performance. Fast and accurate. Sadly I know accurate because I KNOW I over cooked the chicken :D I need to get a handle light. Although I was preoccupied die to making my marinara and homemade fettuccine. So by the time I temp'd the chicken it was showing 185 to 190 (depending on the size) and then I still had to hold it in the grill as the pasta course wasn't done yet and rest of family wasn't back from visiting their maternal gramma (my mother in law) so I had to hold until they got back because freshly made pasta cooks in about 2 minutes and will overcook in a heartbeat unlike commercially made dried pasta.
BTW another lesson on using wholesome products
I have been noticing if I use only the imported from Italy flour I have no blood sugar issues next day. American grown and produced pasta my next day glucose readings will be 30 to 50 points higher than expected.
Another thing I saw. My sister in law is here visiting to see their mom. She has a known tested wheat allergy. Causes her all kinds of distress. She ate the homemade pasta last night with not one issue.
I have been reading about how Glyphosate (roundup) in American brain products is causing all kind of havoc with these so called allergies and with Type II diabetics. I think there is a lesson here. One day I will try American grown organic flour and see if that has same results as the Italian flour. Though given how badly Roundup spreads I wonder if being labeled organic means it's really free from it as opposed to being grown in a country where the chemical is banned completely. Just look at all the Agent Orange victims from the 60's/70's now living with all kind of horrid diseases they KNOW this chemical caused and yet out gummint thinks it's ok to use on food products?!

Richard in NS

LMichaels, thanks for the excellent information in your review. Much appreciated.

Bruce, I like the smaller magnets you have so I will be looking for those and trying the super glue to attach them.


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Poorly done video he cuts off the view of the actual units when he temps the chicken. He claims the one is made in USA and I highly doubt that. Not a really convincing review of either one though oddly he says the Thermapen is faster to read. Though I think it may be more a function of one being LCD vs LED which responds slightly faster.
I have no qualms that a ThermoPro will be a little better made and a little more rugged but 4 or 5x more....................ehh maybe not so much. Mine will be getting a workout Wednesday when it will be put to the test on my prime rib roast. Not trusting $145 worth of roast to just my sight and touch :D


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Yeah I watched that video before I bought mine. Honestly considering I can buy 5 of what I got for one of the other and so far performance seems every bit as good, I think I will spend the extra dough on some nice steak

Greg M

Yeah I see that point of view too. This thread go me started wanting a better thermometer. My cheapo works ok but it's a bit slow and the temp seems to jump around some making me question the accuracy.

Frankly I'm torn between the 20 buck one job posted and that you bought and the much more expensive thermapen. Or even the thermapop. If the thermapen really lasts a decade or more it's probably worth the investment. At least to me. Ah decisions decisions.


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Even if it lasts a decade and the Thermapro only lasts 3 years. It would be 15 years before you equal a Thermapen. :D and that little Pop one MEH keep it IMO. Too small for anyone with anything approaching normal sized hands and forget putting your arm in the oven to reach with that itty bitty thing. Plus the Thermapro has a 3 year warranty to boot! Hard to beat for $25. I used it the other day cooking salmon. It was nice having the bright LED because it was a bit dark on the deck and seeing even a backlit LCD is hard like that. It temp'd very fast and the doneness was perfect and coincided perfectly with the 130deg I like on salmon.

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I have the ThermoPop. It is very solidly built and does work well. Even rotates the display. I like it, but, you are right that it isn't as easy to reach in toward the back of your grill. It is kind of a odd-ball entry-level item among ThermoWorks offerings. They don't advertise it as a substitute for the Thermapen. Not sure what role they really see for it.

I am actually becoming more interested in the simpler black ThermoPro TP18:

I like the built in magnet holder. The big difference is they don't advertise it being "waterproof" but I am dubious about that for the more expensive TP19 anyway.

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Have ya ever found out where Thermo Pro is made ? All they tell us is North America

ThermoPro has been a professional manufacturer located in North America since 2014. Before establishing our brand, ThermoPro supplied some of the largest brands you see on the market today working behind the scenes as a manufacturer. As times changed and our clients decide to outsource to cheaper alternatives, we decided to open lines directly to the retail market, providing consumers with top quality products at a very competitive price without sacrificing functionality or quality.
Thermoworks says this ...

ThermoWorks is located just south of Salt Lake City, Utah. The workforce here is highly educated and there are several thermal instrument and data logging companies in the state. While a few of our products are manufactured here, many are made for us by partner factories in Europe, Asia and the USA

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But I also found this, iTronics is the supplier to Thermo Pro. iTronics is a Chinese company. Thermo Pro does not want to tell you their products are made in China.

ThermoPro is brand that got started in late 2015 on Amazon and we've now become the #1 seller of both affordable Meat Thermometers and Temperature/Humidity Monitors on Amazon.

ThermoPro has been a professional manufacturer located in North America for many years. Before establishing our brand, ThermoPro supplied some of the largest brands you see on the market today working behind the scenes as a manufacturer. As times changed and our clients decide to outsource to cheaper alternatives, we decided to open lines directly to the retail market, providing consumers with top quality products at a very competitive price without sacrificing functionality or quality.

Our new customers ask us, how are your prices so competitive? The answer is simple. iTronics products and brands have no middle man. We design, manufacture, sell and support our own product line to maintain affordability for our customers, rather than outsourcing any function to another company. With this philosophy in mind, iTronics ensures you're paying what you should be paying for a quality product. Our aim is to deliver the highest quality product while maintaining an affordable price.

Not only does this practice help make our prices competitive, it helps us maintain control of our product from the beginning, starting with design and manufacturing, all the way to distribution, sales and after sales support to ensure a quality product and buying experience.


About Us

iTronics is a professional manufacturer and supplier of a variety of electronic consumer devices under well known brands such as: ThermoPro and Accuweight. We have been engaged in research & development, manufacturing and distribution of electronic products for years. iTronics is always striving to provide a complete line of equipment for the variety of brands that we own. iTronics is the manufacturer and distributor of all our brands listed above.

With a passion for innovation and customer satisfaction, the iTronics team is constantly improving upon its products and operations to deliver the best experience to its valued customers.


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