Annoyed, unsure what’s happening

Matt Currie

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Hey guys, I’m having a bit of trouble with what I think is going to happen and what actually happens.
So I’m searing the butterfly chicken breasts over the coals in my 57cm kettle (using a vortex) and then putting them around the outside to finish off. It’s taking over 45mins to get them to temp and even still the thick part is at 165 and the thin is at like 140.
I used to do the 50/50 method, one side coals and one side nothing. Would this give me better and quicker results. What am I doing wrong as I am hosting a party for about 20 people in April with my kettle and I can’t be letting people wait 45 mins for chicken.
Should I do the 50/50 method and just sear for a tad longer and then finish on indirect.
pulling my hair out with it!

Dustin Dorsey

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It seems like it wouldn't take that long butterflied. I see no real advantage to using the vortex if they are boneless/skinless.

Timothy F. Lewis

TVWBB Hall of Fame
Something sounds odd, it certainly should not take that long, was your Vortex fully involved when you put them on? The Vortex does some things very well indeed but, I still use baskets a lot.

Matt Currie

New member
Vortex was full. All vents open.
ima try baskets how I used to do it and see what happens. What do I do about chicken being 165 one place and 140 other place

J Grotz

You state there was a thick and thin part to the breast after butterflying and the thin part took longer to cook. When you moved the breasts to indirect heat, I will guess/assume that the thick part was closest to the vortex and the thin part was furthest from the vortex. Did you rotate or flip the breasts at any time during the 45 minutes of indirect cooking so that the thin part was closer to the vortex and the thicker part farther away?

Matt Currie

New member
No I just left them, but I presume I should of left them.
i think I will leave the vortex for wings or thighs from now on. I’ll just do my normal 50/50 from now on as that will have a bigger direct area too. This might be we’re I went wrong. Hardly on sear.
is it better for me to bank the coals on one side of the grill or put them all in the char baskets and have them both slid over to one side?