5 Steps to Burger Brilliance: Excerpt from Weber's Big Book of Burgers by J Purviance



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Thank goodness, because DH and I are really getting hooked on smash burgers. He just bought some ground turkey and that is what we were thinking of doing with it.

Lynn Dollar

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I just bought this book on Amazon, the link above still works. Found it used, in " very good " condition for $5.50 , free shipping. Hard to go wrong at that price.

Anne M.

I got "burgers, sausages and more" by Jamie Purvance on my kindle.
I think I paid 0.99 £ for it :)

Lynn Dollar

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I've yet to adapt to Kindle. I've got to have a book. Can't explain it, it just is what it is. But I think its similar to wanting to own a music CD or album over the digitial streamed version.

Rich Dahl

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I've had that book for quite awhile and need to revisit it. We do grind our own hamburger with chuck roast or steak and a little bit of soft brisket fat. For burgers I do a large grind for other uses I do a large grind followed by a small grind.
Barb and I are big fans of smash burgers really like that crust, but we do them on a screaming hot Little Griddle or on a cast iron skillet if on the stove, so no flare ups happen.