2hr spare ribs


Michael C.

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Yes, 2 hr spare ribs. I was completely surprised that these ribs cooked so quickly. I used chunks of Hickory wood for the smoke. I checked an hr later, the ribs started to look a bit dark in some parts, wrapped them in foil with and drizzled some coke zero over them. I checked them again an hr later, they were very ready to take off the grill, just a quick bbq sauce, and time to eat! They were very meaty moist and tasty. Here are the pics.

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I hung some new bird feeders.

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My cat
The ribs look great! I've done baby backs on the kettle before that had a cook time of about 1 hour. They came out delicious! For me, it's amazing how many different ways you can get to delicious ribs!! That's a pretty kitty!
Killer ribs Michael, cool looking cat. He's got "fighter's ear" on his left ear, maybe even a hint on his right. My outdoor cat looks like he fought in every major war, lol
Hey Michael, those look great. It's been a long time but I've done spares on the kettle a couple times and got 'em done in about 2 hours as well and they turned out great. There certainly is more than one way to achieve great results. Thanks for sharing.
Ribs look great, so does the fury mouser you have. Barb and I are big fans of quick ribs,:rolleyes: at 70 years old I don't have the patience or time for L&S.