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Steve Counts

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I am restoring my Weber Genesis II I bought new in 1992. I cleaned her up, repainted the firebox, repaired the rusted bolts in the frame, new grates, new knobs, new wood, new handle. I thought the flavorizer bars were original but after thinking about it I realize they were replaced along the way. I haven't repainted the frame, just cleaned and polished with soft scrub to remove oxidation. One of these days I would like to get a wood handle for looks but the new plastic one from Weber is functional.

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Chris Allingham

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Steve, I'm sending you a Private Message. Please take a look.

I think what you've got here is a Genesis III. Genesis 2000/3000 came out around 1996.

A question...looks like you touched-up the paint inside the logo. Any trick to doing that?

Another question...you made a replacement gas gauge label for the frame? Or did you get that from Weber?

Yet another question...what kind of wood and stain did you use for the slats?

Really nice job!

Frankie C

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That’s a great looking grill, great job on the restore.

As far as knowing model it is it has me scratching my head. I agree with Chris that if it’s a 92 then it is too old to be a 2000, they were just called 2’s back then. For me the easy way to tell the difference between a 2 and a 2000 is to look for the casters. Yours has the casters like a 2000, the 2 did not have them.

Also 2000’s did not come with side burners you had to go up to a 3000 to get that, BUT back in the day Weber did offer a kit for the 2000 that let you add the side burner. If that kit is what you have it will be the first one I have ever seen.

Best of luck with the grill.

Steve Counts

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Chris, I'm pretty sure I bought it in 1992, a tag on the grill says 58b-1992 and the serial number starts with KL2. The Weber customer service people referred to it as a 2000 but that might not be right. May be a Genesis II. It didn't have the side burner when I bought it, I added that a short time later with a kit from Weber. It amazes me how well it's held up and how little was needed to restore it.

For the logo I used the method I saw on this forum, removing, painting, then sanding. Thanks to everyone on this forum for information and inspiration.

The gas gauge was made with a Brother P-Touch label printer. Weber didn't have one and I was having trouble removing the baked on remains of the old one so I just covered it up with the new one.

The wood is Cedar I got at Lowes and stained with left over Defender Fence stain. Should hold up well to the weather.
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Steve Counts

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I called Weber Customer service and they said my grill was made in 1992 so that would make it a Genesis II. They called it a 2000 because they use the same parts. Originally it had the Redwood on the right side so it was a II but I added the side burner with a kit from Weber. I think I added the casters and new wheels when I got the side burner.
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The Genesis II did not come with a side burner standard. My dad has a 2000 that they bought in 93 or 94. The only difference between my II and his 2000 was the addition of casters on the left side of the grill. I added casters to mine, and a side burner which I guess makes mine a 3000 now ;-)

Jeff Hankel

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I recently picked up a 1996 Genesis 2000. That is according to the serial number and Weber support. It does too have the add on side burner apparently. In very good condition, just missing the flip up table. So trying to find a resource for that. May try to use the new one available with the durawood and change it out to redwood.

I'll start a new thread for it.


George Curtis

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I have a genesis 3 that I have been working on for 4 years ? I really need to get it done and hope it will look close yours. sweet !

Steve Porter

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Really nice restoration! We like our Genesis a lot and they are built like a tank. We've had ours for about 20 years and have had it sitting outside on the deck year around without any cover and it still looks good. Only repairs we've made is replacing the flavor bars. I fully expect our Genesis to out last us and go to one of our children someday. Your redhead is really sweet looking!


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Chris, I refurbed my Dad's Weber Genesis 3000 "redhead" roughly a 92' model in 2013. You asked if there was any trick to touching up the logo on the grill. I tried purchasing a new one but when I received it it was slightly different and wanting to stay original I decided I would paint the logo completely and then sand it with a orbital sander. The result was pleasing because the logo is a raised stamp process. It did a nice job of restoring the look to almost original. If nothing else it looked new and shiny.

Edit: Well, I am not very good with these forum posts as I don't get on here much but my comment was a reply to an earlier post I should have used the "quote" feature. Nice restore on that old redhead!
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