1. JSaus

    Does anyone own a new Weber gas grill?

    After 20 years with my Silver B and having already replaced burners, grates, favorizer bars, drip pan etc. I decided on a new grill. Bought a Spirit E-330 because it was the same size as the Silver B, had some nice features and was relatively affordable. I read about the rust problems with the...
  2. R

    Weber Spirit (2009) NG to LP converstion

    Hello everyone, i recently was given this Weber Grill. the only problem is that it is a natural gas grill and my current house does not have a gas line for the grill. Ive seen several good threads on this forum on how to convert a NG grill to LP (...
  3. M

    Weber Spirit II E-310 makes squeaky noise

    Hi, Just assembled my new Weber yesterday but have noticed that I makes a weird noise when 1 to 2 burners are on. When all 3 burners are on it sounds fine though. The problem seems to occur with the crossover tube where the flame flimmers a lot from what I can tell. Does anyone have a clue on...
  4. T

    Wooden handle and side table for a Spirit 500

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and am looking to do a little restoration job on my Spirit 500 redhead. I have found sources for all the parts I'm looking for aside from the wooden handle and side table. The plastic on it right now is quite ugly so I'd rather upgrade to wood instead of replacing...
  5. I

    Genesis Porcelain Enameled Lids and Wood

    Hello All, I just wanted to know if these lids are interchangeable. I don't know if it is just the color of the lid and the angle in which the photo was taken but the blue lid looks smaller than the other two. Ultimately, I'm trying to get the blue lid on the smaller frame on to either the...
  6. M

    New Genesis EP310 - the Spirit 330-series came close though

    Hello all, New grill day is coming this weekend! I purchased a Genesis EP310 (green) from my local hardware store to replace a 12 year old LP Char-broil Patio Caddie. I told myself I'd get rid of that 15" diameter grill when the igniter switch died. Well, it never died and it forced me to...
  7. C

    Should I buy even with the condition of the top

    I'm about ready to purchase an old school Weber I think its a Genesis contrary to the ad claiming it's a 3 burner Spirit. Anyway, the top of the shroud has some discoloration. I'm going to take a look tonight, but wondering by glance if you think it will buff out?
  8. B

    Spirit E-310 + GrillGrates = Good Choice?

    Do you guys think a Weber Spirit E-310 and a set of GrillGrates would be a good setup? I'm used to a big 4 burner Ducane 4400 but I will leave that at my parents house and will need to get something else for my condo. I mostly just need a small but good all-around basic grill. I don't need...
  9. M

    Redhead Weber Spirit 900 Build and Tri Tip Break-In

    My dad rebuilt this Weber Spirit 900 for my birthday. It came out saweeeet. Thought I'd post some before and after photos. This is how we got her, very beat up.... Started getting it cleaned up: To our surprise the igniter fired right up! Years of grill build up burning off: Getting...