1. ElliottP

    Lid rust help?

    What is the best method for patching rust damage on porcelain lid?
  2. D

    Weber Genesis 310 (2008) - Manifold Rusted. Options?

    Got a free Weber Genesis 310 from 2008 recently. Bought new burners because the old ones were collapsing a bit (especially the crossover tube). When I went to remove the manifold I saw that the corner of the assembly by the firebox was rusted through on one of them. I didn't take a picture. But...
  3. JoshM

    Which paint to use for restoring a Weber gas grill?

    Hi, first time posting here though I've really appreciated some of the information I've gotten from this forum. Big thanks to PaulD for compiling the restoration guide, and to Chris Allingham for his video on YouTube for repairing a control valve! I just finished cleaning and greasing a stuck...
  4. DrewZ

    S-320 Re-Freshening

    After finishing up the Genesis Junior, I spent a good amount of time browsing ads to find The Next Project. Instead, The Next Project was right under my nose the whole time. It's time to pay some long-overdue attention to my S-320 Natural Gasser. I bought it new in March 2008 as a belated...
  5. S

    Rusty grill refresh plan

    Hello, So I appeared to have neglected my Q100 over winter and upon the first sight of spring dared to take a peek under the cover to see the damage, and as I suspected the dreaded rust has set in. So I'm looking for advice on how best fix them up to use again. I know there's some similar...
  6. J

    Weber Genesis Needs Some Love

    Hi All, Greetings from New Zealand. After coming across this forum and seeing some of the amazing restore jobs here, I saw this old genesis online and thought I'd take it on as a little project. It's too big for my place but I plan on giving it to my parents to use. Generally speaking I...
  7. Bruce

    HOW TO: Weber Frame Cross Member repair

    WHAT: This is a How To on replacing the frame cross member on the left side of the fire box on Genesis Silver/Gold and 1000-5000 WHY: This part of the frame is a problem area that attracts substantial rust due to being next to the fire box heat. The rust is centered around the bolt area that...
  8. S

    Rusty old WSM 18.5...Worth the hassle?

    Howdy All, Looking to seek some guidance from the knowledgeable folks here. I'm looking to salvage a WSM in a sorry state (Looks to have been left out for a considerable time) before I'm asked it's nothing divine or holy, just a regular, black 18" and I'd say the model before the latest (no...
  9. P

    Manifold price for 2010 Spirit 210?

    Hi all; first time post. I'll follow up with another post regarding me soon enough. I'm doing a mild restoration (cleaning and parts replacement) for a 2010-era Spirit 210. The manifold is broken, as one of the brackets that attaches it to the fire box rusted out and snapped off yesterday. I...