restored genesis silver

  1. JoshDowdle

    Silver C restoration

    Hey all, Here’s my silver c resto. So far it’s more just a functional restoration than a full rebuild. I still plan on sandblasting and painting the metalwork as well as new internals. So far I’ve just chucked in a new set of enamel grates and have been using it. I’ve obviously replaced the...
  2. W

    My new Genesis Silver C

    Hey everyone! New member here - was looking to buy a new grill and move on from my ancient Char-Broil since I am moving and I didn't really want to take it with me. My brother in law has an old Genesis 900 that was his dad's and after using it and looking at it I just had to get my own! Found...
  3. Rick W

    2001 Silver C rehab/ how to ( or how not to) dye plastic grill parts

    First things first, this forum is great, lots of good info for the beginner getting in to restoring Weber grills. I have started my 2001 maroon LP Silver C project, purchased this grill off of FB marketplace for $80. The grill os really not in that bad of shape. No real bad frame rust, the...
  4. J

    00 Silver B Restore

    Just completed my project to restore a 2000 Silver B. Want to thank everyone on this board. The content and information on previous threads and how-to's guided me on this journey. My search for a new grill started on Mother's Day. I planned to grill some steaks, but my 10 year old Char-Broil...
  5. P

    Weber Genesis Silver B 2000 rehab - Update: Restored

    I’m in the midst of my first rehab attempt on what I’m pretty sure is a genesis silver b, model year 2000 (Model #2250000, Serial # DD613712). I’ve been giving it a pretty good cleaning over the weekend and have it almost entirely broke to individual components. In the process, of stripping it...
  6. Bruce

    Genesis Silver B - Blue Head restored (rescued)

    This was grill someone had painted flat black. Why? Who the heck knows. He actually thought it was a black grill that someone had painted blue when I bought it. ?????? Images continued on next page post:
  7. Jon Tofte

    Dave has probably done 50 to my 1, but here’s a finished Silver A

    I wouldn’t doubt that Dave in KC has turned out 50 grills in the time it has taken me to finish my first Weber gas grill full restoration in quite a while:(. It’s a 2005 Silver A I picked up for free. Replaced all the internals, as might be expected. But other than the cabinet bottom...
  8. G

    Almost...Finally Done Silver B

    Hi Well, braved wind and rain last few days and was ready to put together this morning. Here are the final results of the 2001 Silver B. I did notice over spray on left table but it removed easily with simple green and #0000. Thanks for all your help. George
  9. C

    Genesis Silver B Restoration - From Japan to Texas

    Restoring a 2000 Genesis Silver B with Maroon Lid This grill was purchased in 2000 at a Navy Exchange in Sasebo Japan. It served for 2 tours in Japan and 1 tour in Washington before the serviceman retired. Then he brought it to Texas some years after that. I picked it up in the DFW area off CL...