1. D

    Maverik ET-72/73 and ET-722/733 difference & thermistor data sheet

    Hi according to heatermeter wiki the standard probe is a 10K NTC thermistor and is highly commended to use ET-72/73 but also ET 732/733 are acceptable I have sourced on Amazon some Maverik compatible thermistor with ET-732/733 (below the link ) and works fine with that thermometer but if I...
  2. D

    Maverick ET-733 - a quick setup

    As much as I like the Mav 733, I don't find the setup particularly intuitive and the instruction booklet could be clearer. I wrote out this guide for others who may struggle with setting it up. SETTING UP MAVERICK ET-733 (DUAL PROBE REMOTE THERMOMETER) Hint 1: Use an indelible marker and...
  3. M

    2nd Brisket...OH so good!

    We had some family in town for my sons second birthday so my wife and I decided a brisket would be a perfect dinner choice. We got a heat wave (45 degrees) so I had no problem with my WSM holding a nice temp all day. My son and I must of had the same wake up call of 5:30 because we were both up...
  4. M

    Wrapping probes in aluminum foil?

    When I started using the Maverick et-732 a little over a year ago, somewhere I saw the suggestion that it would be a good idea to wrap the wires in foil to keep them clean (see below). I've been noticing lately from various photos that I think I'm the only one doing this. I like the idea of...
  5. D

    Maverick ET733 alert blinking

    I just bought a Maverick ET733, and connected the two probes. The receiver is working (both registering the same ambient temp). My question is about the alert. If I press the ((*)) button at the lower left one time, that symbol ((*)) appears in both probe windows on the right hand side...
  6. Danny C's

    How much chicken on the 14" WSM?

    Morning All, I'm curious how much chicken folks have been able to fit on a 14" WSM at once and how you have it cut up and arranged. Also curious for those that are using a maverick thermometer for pit temp, seems like it takes up a lot of space on the grate in order to make sure the tip of...
  7. M

    Stock lid temp vs Maverick grate temp

    I have a 18" WSM and so far I have cooked a pork butt and 3 racks of ribs. Everything has come out delicious. I'm planning on smoking a brisket this weekend and I want to make sure I get it right. When I cooked the pork butt, the Maverick probe at the top grate level was 25 degrees or so away...
  8. TMerriam

    Wireless Thermometers for WSM

    Reading through a lot of the posts here, it seems that most use the Maverick 732 or 733. Has anyone used the Weber 6741? I am a Weber guy, through and through, so I am leaning towards this new thermometer since it is the same price as a Maverick. Just curious if anyone has had success or failure...
  9. R

    Smoker temps affecting food probe temps?

    Hi, On my UDS pit temp affects also food probe temps. I'm not sure if it's only a problem with somewhat thin cuts of meat like brisket flats and salmon. I don't think it happens too much with pork butts or other thicker cuts. I'll post a graph when I'll get home, but it's very clear looking at...
  10. Dwain Pannell

    Saw a post for Maverick ET-733 on the Brethren

    If you love your Maverick ET-732, the new Maverick ET-733 will be available late October. Amazon affiliate link: