first cook

  1. A

    Lessons Learned from my Memorial Day Smoke

    Thanks to all the helpful people on this forum I managed to successfully pull off some smoke chicken for my Memorial Day Weekend (did it on Saturday due to a busy weekend with graduation parties and what not) party. I went hot and fast and used pieces based on both recommendations from people...
  2. A

    First cook on now

    I got an 18.5" a week ago and am doing my first cook now. The person I bought it from had it loaded with lump, so I'm burning that. I put some baby back ribs on around 2, and I've been able to keep the temp around 225 even though it's been windy and a little chilly here in Toronto. About to...
  3. A

    Complete beginner with Weber Smoker. Help!

    Hi all My name is Angela. I LOVE cooking. However my cooking is confined to the domestic kitchen. !!!!! I have purchased a Weber Smoker.... I have no idea what I am doing!!! I am also a technophobe. No facebook . No twitter. Not a member of any forum. Ever. As I write this my daughter is...
  4. Mark Barton

    First Real Cook - Basic Chicken

    Last week I spent time seasoning my WSM 18.5. I cooked bacon, ground pork, and a huge fattie of Jimmy Dean sausage. This week I officially started with real BBQ! I followed the recipe for Basic Chicken listed on the Virtual Weber Bullet -