chicken breast

  1. A

    Lessons Learned from my Memorial Day Smoke

    Thanks to all the helpful people on this forum I managed to successfully pull off some smoke chicken for my Memorial Day Weekend (did it on Saturday due to a busy weekend with graduation parties and what not) party. I went hot and fast and used pieces based on both recommendations from people...
  2. John - au4stree

    Chicken bombs

    I gave these a go recently and will definitely put them in the rotation. Family enjoyed them, but feel like I could have precooked bacon a bit before. Either way, these were done in my WSCGC w/ SnS. Used a pecan chunk for slight smoke flavor. Full recipe credit to: Bill Gillespie’s “Secrets to...
  3. John Wheeler

    Don't be this guy!

    This guy is me! This is the first year I didn't enclose my cook area w plastic and an exhaust fan. It was actually pretty cool. I digress... I wanted to learn how to cook in the elements this year for many reasons. Not cleaning up after myself was not one of them! After my big Christmas cook, I...
  4. Gregory R

    1000th Post Chicken

    I had planned to debut my Roti for this post, but it hasn't come in yet. :mad: I had some bone-in chicken breasts in the fridge, so this is what I had to work with. First I trimmed up the breasts then sprinkled with Ray Lampe's #67 rub Let that sit a bit while I fired up a chimney of new...
  5. Michael C.

    Peach smoked chicken breast!

    It was such a nice day on Sunday, with Fall colors in full bloom, I thought it would be a great day, to grill up some chicken breast, using peach wood. Peach wood, love this stuff! It smells so good, and it gives the chicken, a very nice, light, fruity smoked food taste. Also added some russet...