cast iron

  1. I

    Summit Kamado + Kamado Joe Soapstone

    Anyone with a Summit Kamado or Summit Charcoal played around with the Kamado Joe Soapstone accessory? I am curious if that would work with Summit Kamado instead of a cast iron griddle.
  2. CaseT

    Wont be using a Weber anytime soon but still have to eat!

    Use of open flame has been banned in my neck of the woods until the forest fires subside. So the charcoal will have to wait. Which fine the stores don't have charcoal anyways which is nuts because I saw people posting mountains of it in the Midwest, and east. So now its hot and smokey so its...
  3. J Grotz

    Cookout for family birthdays

    A couple of the grand daughters have September birthdays, so DW and I hosted a cookout a couple of weeks ago. The fire cooked portion of the menu consisted of ABT's (Mike Chavez), pulled pork (Teddybear Haskins), Steve Petrone's No. 5. sauce, and Mac and Cheese with parm crumbs (Jamie...
  4. Jon Tofte

    My $10 thrift store bargain: Restoring a Weber Q200

    The organization I work for has a thrift store, and the manager lets me know about Weber items that come his way. I had never really spent any time looking at Weber Qs for cooking or restoration, but for $10 I decided to give this one a try. It was pretty dirty and kind of tired when I received...
  5. Michael C.

    First time using Sear grate, flat iron steak

    This is the first time using my Weber sear great, thought a flat iron steak would be a great choice. I used my charcoal baskets, thanks for the tips. I let the grate heat up for about 10 minutes after dumping the coals. I brushed vegetable oil on the sear grate before letting place the flat iron...
  6. Michael C.

    New Grill grates!!! Pimping my weber :)

    I've been wanting this for a long time, finally, I broke down, and bought these!!!! I found the pizza stone and cast iron grates marked down at my local Lowe's for only $14.99 each, instead of the normal $34.99 price as found everywhere else. I bought the heavy duty grill grates at normal price...
  7. Pete in PG

    Dinner at the French Laundry

    Well, er, no. But I did come across a Thomas Keller roast chicken recipe that I've had on my list of cooks to do. The chicken is a Coleman Organic from Costco; very meaty and delicious. Started by cuttin' and choppin' turnips, rutabagas, onion, carrots and garlic. Tossed in a little oil and...
  8. Dwain Pannell

    This ain't your daddy's porkchops

    SWMBO and I went to Costco and picked up a jumbo pack of inch and a quarter loin chops. We divided it into three porkchop vac packs. I dry brined a pack while I got a chimney of RO fired up. I found a recipe to get a TBS of oil in a skillet rocket hot and then place the porkchops in it for 3...