First time using Sear grate, flat iron steak


Michael C.

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This is the first time using my Weber sear great, thought a flat iron steak would be a great choice. I used my charcoal baskets, thanks for the tips. I let the grate heat up for about 10 minutes after dumping the coals. I brushed vegetable oil on the sear grate before letting place the flat iron steak on it. It had a nice sizzle. Flipped after several minutes. It did not take long to grill up the flat iron steak. I used a simple rub of Lawry's garlic pepper, onion pepper, generic garlic pepper, black pepper. I'm happy with the results! Any tips on cleaning/maintaining the cast iron grates? I can't wait to start using this more!

Flat iron steak.

Using charcoal baskets.

Heating the sear grate.

Steak on.

Flipped steak, taters on.

Plated with taters and grilled corn. Thanks for looking :).
I got the craycort ci grate and love it. Gotta love the ci! Excellent looking plate. Looks like you got that steak done to perfection.
Great looking steaks!!! I recently purchased Craycort CI, but also acquired the Weber gourmet grates when I purchased a Performer off Craigslist. It came with the griddle only, but I've been on the fence about buying the sear grate. Your cook has definitely sold me on buying I hear they're on sale at Lowe's!!!

...and I love Swift Premium brand skirt steaks!!!
Thanks guys!!! I am really enjoying having this new grill grates for my weber!!! I do have my original WSM that I bought back in 2006 that I use for Briskets, Turkey, and pork shoulders, which I still use often. But a do find my self using my weber grill a lot more, and it's fun to grill up some tasty good eats!!!! :)
Love the look of your grill marks on the steak. No doubt it was wonderful. I've told Kim I need the gourmet system but so far I have been wrong...
Funny thing, this flat iron was one of the smaller ones that I found at my local Wal-Mart. They had much larger flat iron steaks, but this size was perfect for two people :).