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I agree with what your saying. I've been on a salt restricted diet for many years. I regulate my sodium intake by using only fresh ingredients, no processed foods, no eating out and using mostly fresh herbs and spices for seasoning. The USDA standard for a healthy person is 2300mg max, I keep mine down below 1500mg. This has helped me keep my BP low.
But and I say but there are times when I will exceed my goal, if I know in advance I'm going to increase my sodium intake to make something special I will make up for the increase by decreasing my sodium intake prior to that event and after, such as using a salty rub or whatever. Moderation is key in my use of salt, but you got to live a little too.
I try to do the same (little to none processed food, avoid restaurants, etc) even though I have good BP. I think mine is 120/70. Could you help your BP if you eat a lot of sodium by drinking more water?