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Thread: Bugs $%#*&%(*%*&$*%^)_(*&

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bruce View Post
    Don't really need primer but you can use Rustoleum high heat 2000 degree primer. Paint was Rustoleum Hight Heat 1200 degree. They do make it in a green but it is not readily available.

    Oh, and Jeff: I am not sure what exactly you are asking about regarding the "one piece welded flavorizer bar".
    Thanks Bruce on the 1200 paint.

    Ill get back to you on the one piece flavorizer bar idea.
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    Well, I finally sold the "Bugger". A lady drove 137 miles for it, didn't even want me to fire it up. Oh, and she drove down from "GREEN Bay, WI"

    That is a little more space in the garage now.
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    Congrats on that one, Bruce! Maybe she will make a Packers insert for the handle.
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