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Thread: Wood chunk placement

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dustin Dorsey View Post
    ... That's overkill with Fruitawood. ...
    Totally agree !!!
    KCBS, SCA, Operation BBQ Relief

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    I don't think it makes much, or any difference, I just usually put a chunk next to a live coal, and stagger the rest around the coal bed, sometimes I may nestle them down. I just throw my sticks I pick up under my hickory tree on top.
    If there was ever a difference I couldn't see it.

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    I have had my 22.5 WSM for 3.5 years and have never buried wood. Smoke profile always cones out very mild (which I like & most others I cook for) I sold my 18.5 to a coworker and his 1st smoke was 2 brisket flats. After watching many videos he settled on Harry's method of burying chunks. His meat came out fantastic and the smoke profile was much heavier than what I usually get. Not too heavy or oversmoked, it just tasted more like an authentic wood fire. I will be trying it for sure on my next smoke.
    Btw I believe he used a small apple log in the middle and a few pecan chunks around the edge.

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