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Thread: Help with a Turkey Brine Pot recommendation

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    Iím lucky, the bakery sells theirs for $2.00, a block away, I can get them pretty much anytime and the counter girl there is a knockout!
    There are times when you come to an amazing realization, these (oblong) buckets make really handy size ice blocks, and when itís single digits with a ď[I]FRIGHTENINGl possibility of deeply negative number wind chills, Iím planning on having some polar chilled ice blocks wrapped or bagged for better summer cooling of any cooler transport. A block of ice holds cold so much more economically when you want a cooler as cold as possible for a week on vacation.
    If you like loads of garlic, Firehouse Subs sells theirs for $2.00 too, pretty good for brining! I love the ďgive backĒ they do for the local fire departments where ever they have a shop. The corned beef is pretty good BTW.
    Have a good day, itís nice when Iím between blowing the driveway, itís bleeping COLD out there!
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