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Thread: Need some expertise on a thermometer.

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    There are many that will say the lid thermometer isn't accurate. That has not been my experience. Mine reads pretty darn close.
    I bought a thermoworks thermometer with a remote receiver I rarely use it anymore.
    Mainly because I bought an IQ 110 temp controller I use my temp controller every time I light my smoker. They both pretty much agree with the cheap thermometer in the lid.
    Not trying to say you don't need a wireless thermometer. Just agreeing with others above that say to use your smoker a few more times before making a decision. There is an overwhelming amount of toys one can buy. And if one isn't careful one can wind up with a box full of toys one doesn't use.
    Happy smoking

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    Granted I haven't fired up mine yet, but based on my ECB which i had to swap the therm on because "ideal" is not a temperature, the lid shouldn't differ drastically from grate temp. I always got that thing to 225 and the new therm on that was always mounted near the old one, on the lid.

    That said, thermopro has been my go to company. SMF had a post about a thermopro handheld probe being $11 vs $30 like they used to be. I think amazon consistently has them around $10 now and it's been fantastic. I'll get probably the TP-20 post xmas for my new WSM but even that's only $50. If $50 seems steep they have a 2-probe one for $24 (i think TP-17). Basically you can only read the temp on the devise vs having something wireless so you'd have to go out by the smoker to check but it'd still get you closer to what you want for cheap

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    Sorry Arsh but, there are way too many threads which State drastic differences between dome and grate temps. Where they may be “consistently” differing is a reasonable assumption. One must also assert that dome temp will ALWAYS be higher due to the simple physics that warm air rises.
    All that aside, I agree with you completely, my ThermoPro TP-08 (2-probe, remote monitor) has proven to be money well spent, it was cheap, it has not failed me yet, three years and if it dies tomorrow, I’m still happy with the purchase. I have no worry about replacement when, and if, necessary. Not many $30.00 pieces of equipment last more than three years!
    It’s simple to set up, has proven accurate enough for my purposes. And always remember:
    “Even less than fabulous barbecue, is far better than no barbecue!”
    I’m working my way back to less “stuff” as time progresses.
    There are times when I really think the best products I’ve served were done “by guess and by God!” It’s a method of cookery which requires patience, attention and, practice. The most important of which, for me, is patience! Wait for things to “feel, look and, probe right” all is rewarded. Don’t overthink, make decisions and, be willing to make a few adjustments as the cook progresses, if necessary.
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