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Thread: Got a bad pork belly...

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    Got a bad pork belly...

    Last trip to costco bought a belly that was on special, when I opened it, got that funky smell, figured it was from being in the cryovac, washed it off and it seemed ok so into the cure it went. Took it out to smoke today and it wasnt ok, lol, so much for a new batch of bacon...
    So the moral of the story is....If you think its even remotely questionable, bring it back, costco dont care and will refund the money or give you a new belly, it was too late for me, no wrapper, or receipt and over a week later..but on the bright side , the pork loin I made into Canadien bacon was fine.

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    I just had a Mexican butcher shop open about a block away. I asked about skin on products, he said they get whole hogs and break them down on site. I can now get anything from a suckling pig through a whole roasting hog! And bellies “skin on”! There are a few things I’d like to try and now, I will have that option!
    I can taste the crackling skin already!
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    I've got one that's been in the freezer 2 years. I wonder if it's still good? I probably need to toss it.
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