I bought 2, but am thinking of getting one more today to make pastrami with. the label does say commodity grade on it, but I assumed that was not a big deal. Guess I gotta eat it to find out. was thinking of putting them on tonight around 11 or so and do an overnight, wrapping in paper tomorrow morning and holding till 5 or so to eat em up. just dont want to over cook it with an overnight, but hell, why not give it a try.

they had 4 more in the fridge at costco. all of them were in the 15-17 pound range. i got the smallest 2 as i have an 18 inch and really hate have the manipulate them to get them to fit. gotta get me a 22" as size matters! they had a lot of snake river tri-tip there as well, but at $12 a pound, I figured the brisket was a better deal