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Thread: My first dishwasher

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    Quote Originally Posted by Len Dennis View Post
    Not just wood. If you have good knives (like you said), do those by hand. Also, if you have crystal or good china. They will be scratched/fogged/pick a word.

    We've got a maytag but found that with just the two of us, we'd run out of dishes before the unit was filled. We still do dishes by hand 95% of the time.

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    Agree with Len, with the two of us we do the dishes by hand. We do run the dishwasher at least once a month to keep the seals soft and exercise it, usually after we do a big cook of some sort and load it up for a few days to get a full load.
    We pretty much put anything in but our wooden cutting boards and cast iron pans along with our utility knifes. No problems so far.
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    Found a long time ago hand washing is not efficient at all (at least with modern machines) Even the worst of machines today use only about 6 gallons max. You cannot wash even a few plates by hand with that little bit of water. I will run ours even if just a few pieces are in there

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