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Thread: 1st Vortex Wings, Timing Issues

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    Dustin, your wings look great, I'm sure you learned a lot from this cook for your next one---
    tom bauer
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    Medium Vortex on the Performer. Fill the Vortex to the top with lit KBB, naked wings, flip at 25, usually done at about 50, spun with sauce. I usually don't pay much attention to the thermo, I know it's very hot in there. I did some wings with lump the last time and I pulled them at 40 minutes, probably should have pulled them at 35. The lump definitely cooks them a little quicker than the KBB.

    BTW your wings look great!
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    I do wings with vortex almost every week. 3/4 chimney of lit kbb. 22" kettle. Bottom vents slightly open. Grate temp of 375 degrees. Wood chunks placed directly over vortex. Wings are drums and flats. Rubbed. On for 15 min. Flip and let them cook 20 more min. Internal temp between 185 and 200 degrees. If I sauce, they are tossed in sauce after cooking. Perfect every time. Check my IG for photos and setup.
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