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Thread: List of Throwdown Winners

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    Results of TVWBB Challenge Pit's Throwdowns and the Winners

    Throwdown #1 - Flank Steak. No Poll conducted... j biesinger "declares Jon Des the champion"
    Throwdown #2 - Potatoes won by Bill W. Michigan: Ball of Yarn Potatoes
    Throwdown #3 - Poultry won by Gary H. NJ : Phoenix and Dragon, Chicken Breast with Ham and Lobster
    Throwdown #4 - Burgers won by Don Cash: Chuck steak patty melts
    Throwdown #5 - ABTs won by Morgan C (lone entrant)
    Throwdown #6 - Fish won by Scott M: Wasabi TBLT
    Throwdown #7 - Pizza/Flatbread won by JimK: Three Course Pizza Dinner
    Throwdown #8 - Ground Stuff won by RCBaughn: Lamb Burger
    Throwdown #9 - Pork Loin won by Kim Drana: Cuban rotisserie pork loin with peppers and onions (Tie Breaker)
    Throwdown #10 - Mushrooms won by Dwain Pannell: Mushroom Stuffed Pork Tenderloin
    Throwdown #11 - Shellfish won by Chad M: Crab-stuffed bacon-wrapped shrimp, grilled mussels
    Throwdown #12 - Ribeye won by David: Steak and smashed red potatoes
    Throwdown #13 - Chicken Wings won by Jim Lampe: Beatnik bird wings (Tie Breaker)
    Throwdown #14 - Carne Asada won by Tony R: Carne asada with beans, rice, nopales, longaniza, salsa
    Throwdown #15 - Pork Spare Ribs won by Steve Aguilar: Sweet Seduction Smoked Spareribs
    Throwdown #16 - Tri Tip won by Mildo: Tri-Tip from Prague
    Throwdown #17 - Pork Tenderloin won by Dwain Pannell: Pineapple Stuffed, Prosciutto Wrapped Pork Tenderloin "Wellington"
    Throwdown #18 - Beef Chuck Roast won by Ryan P.K.: A Mexican Twist on PSB-PMB Chimichanga
    Throwdown #19 - Beef Short Ribs won by EnricoB: BBQ Smoked Beef Ribs #3
    Throwdown #20 - Pork Chops won by timothy: Apple Thyme Marinated WSM Chops (Tie Breaker)
    Throwdown #21 - Sausages won by Dwain Pannell: Wisconsin-Style Bratwurst
    Throwdown #22 - Tailgate Party won by HVanorden: Chili-Cheese Bratwursts
    Throwdown #23 - Baby Back Ribs won by Cliff Bartlett: Ancho-Cherry Baby Back Ribs
    Throwdown #24 - Turkey won by Cliff Bartlett: Turkey with Pecan Bread Stuffing
    Throwdown #25 - Baked Beans won by Jose Ceja: Frijoles Charros
    Throwdown #26 - Tacos won by Peter Gallagher: Surf & Turf Tacos
    Throwdown #27 - Whole Chicken won by Peter Gallagher: Green Chicken
    Throwdown #28 - T-Bone Steak won by Peter Gallagher: Portland T-Bones
    Throwdown #29 - Corn won by Tommy B: BBQ Buttered Corn
    Throwdown #30 - Wrapped In Bacon won by Cliff Bartlett: Meatball Bombs
    Throwdown #31 - Turkey Drumstick won by Tommy B (lone entrant)
    Throwdown #32 - Dogs in Buns won by Ryan P.K.: Brats wearing their Sunday best
    Throwdown #33 - Breakfast on the Grill won by Matthew: Redneck Biscuits & Gravy Casserole
    Throwdown #34 - Kebabs won by Rich Dahl: Southwest Bourbon Bacon Asian Noodle Kebobs
    Throwdown #35 - Salad featuring Grilled Meat won by Cliff Bartlett: Balsamic Shrimp Salad
    Throwdown #36 - Sirloin Steak won by Cliff Bartlett: Sirloins with Sautéed Cremini Mushrooms
    Throwdown #37 - Meat and Three won by Cliff Bartlett: Baby back ribs, campfire beans, scalloped potatoes and squash
    Throwdown #38 - Show Us Some Love! won by Barb D: Canadian Bacon & Egg McBarb
    Throwdown #39 - Pizza Battle Redux won by Nate Frost: Three Pizzas in KettlePizza
    Throwdown #40 - Grilled Fruit won by James J: Grilled Pineapple Boat
    Throwdown #41 - Your Favorite Bone-In Meat won by Robert-R: Rotisserie Pepper-Crusted Rib Roast
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    Thanks for pulling this list together, Jim. Great idea!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Allingham View Post
    Thanks for pulling this list together, Jim. Great idea!
    He had a good head start. LOL

    Quote Originally Posted by Dwain Pannell View Post
    In an effort to decide on an ingredient for Throwdown #18, I researched past contests to see the entries, contestants, controversy, tie breakers, and excellent examples of cooking technique. There was plenty to go around. It was quite a good read though. In some contests it was difficult to tell who won since we've moved and some of the links to the Poll post are now broken.

    Battle 1 -- the initial battle "Eggs" kicked off as a team event by J Biesinger way back in May 2011. It was judged by K Kruger, Jim Lampe, and JimK.

    The other team events were:
    Battle 2 -- Milk Chocolate
    Battle 3 -- Tea

    Then the era of the Throwdown -- our current contest format -- began in Nov 2011 with Throwdown #1: Flank Steak. (Jon Des was declared the winner.)

    The winners (as far as I can tell) in other Throwdowns were:
    Throwdown #2: Potatoes (Bill W. Michigan)
    Throwdown #3: Poultry (Gary H NJ)
    Throwdown #4: Burgers (Don Cash)
    Throwdown #5: ABT's (Morgan C)
    Throwdown #6: Fish (Scott M)

    It was easier to determine the winners from this point forward due to the Poll system we now use in our new home at vBulletin.

    Throwdown #7: Pizza/Flatbread (JimK)
    Throwdown #8: Ground Stuff (RCBaughn)
    Throwdown #9: Pork Loin (Kim Drana)
    Throwdown #10: Mushrooms (Dwain Pannell)
    Throwdown #11: Shellfish (Chad M)
    Throwdown #12: Ribeye Steak (David)
    Throwdown #13: Chicken Wings (Jim Lampe)
    Throwdown #14: Carne Asada (Tony R)
    Throwdown #15: Pork Spare Ribs (Steve Aguilar)
    Throwdown #16: Tri-Tip (Mildo)
    Throwdown #17: Pork Tenderloin (Dwain Pannell)

    For Throwdown #18 I recommend Beef Chuck Roast.

    Good Luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dwain Pannell View Post
    He had a good head start. LOL
    Great minds think alike!

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