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Thread: Barbecue Superstitions

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    Barbecue Superstitions

    I had the pleasure of attending Harry Soo's BBQ Pitmaster class in Alameda, CA last February. During the class, Harry mixed up a huge batch of Slap Yo' Daddy All-Purpose BBQ Rub and used it on some of the meats cooked that day. At the end of class, he divided the leftover rub into ZipLoc bags and sent each of us home with some.

    I used most of that rub on various things and really liked it a lot. When I had just a few teaspoons left, I mixed up a new batch using the recipe from Harry's class and I dropped in those remaining teaspoons of old rub. As I stirred it all together, I felt like I was infusing that new batch of rub with the BBQ love of Harry Soo and the wonderful memories of that class.

    And here's where the superstition part comes into play...every time I make a new batch of SYD rub, I follow that same process. I add in the last few teaspoons from the previous batch, thinking that as long as I do that, some portion of the original rub will be carried forward into the new batch. I can't stop doing it.

    Am I crazy? Wait, don't answer that. But tell me you have any barbecue superstitions you're willing to share?

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    Sort of like making sourdough bread. You have to mix in some of the starter.
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    Chris, ... you are crazy.

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    No superstitions, per se. However I do have certain patterns such as having the grill prepped (including charcoal in the chimney) and tools and dishes ready well in advance of starting a cook. I have a few OCDs.
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    Must have plenty of "chef juice" to get me through the cook!
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    I never clean my smoker. Since the first smoke years ago to the one tomorrow only ever have I cleaned the water pan and grates. I feel the love from the first smoke to the next one carries over. Like the rub from Harry you have.

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    Every time I look at the price of beef I make the Sign of the Cross.

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    Like Vern said, the first thing I thought of was a sourdough "mother dough"
    Personally, I think what you're doing is very cool!

    For me, it's turning in a circle three times, spitting three times over the deck rail, and moon walking back to my grill while singing Three Dog Night's Joy to the World!

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    Never BBQ w/o ice cold beer around

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    From these people I look for cooking tips? You're all nuts.
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