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Thread: Look what I got and what we made....

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    TVWBB 1-Star Olympian Tony R's Avatar
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    May 2012
    San Berdoo, CA

    Look what I got and what we made....

    Today I received my walnut wood handles my friend Marty got for me....they are nice.
    This side...

    The other side...

    A friend of mine gave me some wine and whiskey barrel wood

    So tonight's dinners was easy...pulled pork fried tacos from a previous cook. Here's my daughter and Maribel shredding the pork.

    Nice weather to do this outside

    On the weber they go

    My lovely wife taking over grilling duties...

    Plated and ready to eat... Topped with Pico de gallo and cabbage. We used both red and green salsa.

    Have a great weekend my grilling and BBQ friends.

    Tony and Maribel
    Weber Summit Charcoal Grill, Primo Grill, Pellet Smoker, Weber Genesis, Weber Q, Weber 22" OTG, Weber Jumbo Joe, Weber 26"

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    TVWBB Super Fan Pat Romero's Avatar
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    Lafayette, LA
    Tony & Maribel- that looks like a tasty treat. I could eat one or four of those right about now!

    Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!
    WSM 22.5"; Weber 26.75" OTG; IQ110; Rib-o-Lator; Maverick ET-732; Red ThermaPen

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    TVWBB 1-Star Olympian John Solak's Avatar
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    San Diego CA
    Excellent looking tacos!!! Handle looks really nice too!!
    Weber 26.75 OTG, Blue Weber 22.5 Performer, Black Weber 22.5 OTG,18.5 WSM,Black Weber Jumbo Joe,UDS,Weber Q100, Santa Maria Style Grill

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    TVWBB Guru James N's Avatar
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    Central California
    Yepper nice taco's could go for about a dozen right now .

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    TVWBB 1-Star Olympian Jim Lampe's Avatar
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    Raymond, Wisconsin
    Midnight in Milwaukee is taco time! And I'll have four please!
    with a little Casa Noble Crystal too, if you got it...

    Lookin' Good Tony!! Lookin' real Good!
    Living a dream in
    ......................The Home of THE P1GVILION

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    TVWBB Super Fan Leo Rousseau's Avatar
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    Jul 2013
    Fall River, MA
    Nice handle Tony... Very cool!!!
    2013 Blue Weber Performer Platinum

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    TVWBB Hall of Fame Dwain Pannell's Avatar
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    Jan 2012
    Huntsville AL
    I gotta admit I like the "other side" better than "this side" but those handles are supper nice!
    Last edited by Dwain Pannell; 11-02-2013 at 05:38 AM.
    ~ May your glass be ever full. May the roof over your head be always strong. And may you be in heaven half an hour before the devil knows you're dead. ~ Big Deck BBQ and Brew

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    TVWBB Olympian Wolgast's Avatar
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    Jun 2010
    A perfect meal! Love it...Really cool handles aswell.

    More is better,too much is just about right!
    Weber One-Touch Platinum 22.5" -08 Weber WSM 22.5" -10 Primo Oval Xl - 11

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    TVWBB All-Star Kim Drana's Avatar
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    Northern Kettle Moraine Wisconsin
    Tony...awesome bling on the grill! You can't lose with those two teams helping you with each cook!

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    TVWBB Honor Circle Bob Mann's Avatar
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    Feb 2012
    Long Island, NY
    Cool handles. Great cook and pics Tony and Maribel!
    "Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." - B Franklin
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