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    Tomahawk Steak Reverse Seared

    Perfectly done
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    BBQ for others

    Been trying to do the same. Have a favorite dessert bar that people crave. However my pulled pork is on the want list by many. Now if only I could get supplies. Then the logistics here is difficult. Travel and making sure everyone gets it safe is hard. Still trying. Baked two loaves this...
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    First brisket on the SmokeFire.🔥

    Calling it the SmokeRing from now on.
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    Brisket on the SmokeFire🔥

    Intense smoke ring. How did it taste. Looks great. Smokefire no. Smokering!
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    Blindfolded Brisket Trimming

    Better than me
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    Combined 22 wsm and 26 kettle

    Nice! Lots of space.
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    Combined 22 wsm and 26 kettle

    Love it. How much of the bottom is altered.
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    Webber heavy duty 22 inch kettle grill. Great condition, no rust, stored inside. Well kept.

    Charming-small, near transportatoon, parks, water-trailer park. Up and coming-gamble.
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    Vortex Wings Never Fail

    Made me think about getting some wings too. Dumb question: how long to cook, fat side of legs out? If cooking legs, how much lit to unlit or all lit, wide side down right
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    One Touch Platinum circa 2002

    Love the drink cart with the speed rack Adore the double oven table
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    This should be a Weber

    Be nice to have you closer but I feel obligated to tell you that it snowed here yesterday...
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    Dave's Smokefire EX6 Experiences

    Sure does save money and diets. Smart. Right idea. I propose itt several times a year but out-voted. One to one. Wish I had the control to do the same. We do stock up when cans are on sale.
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    Amazing Ribs EX4/EX6 Review

    You are wise. I wonder how I would have taken their review had it been my only source. After all the other st8uff I thought it was fair. Course they gloss over a few bits but at least mention them. They were walking a tightrope or so it seemed. And they were seemingly the past month going to...
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    WSM for sale

    Shipping to chicago...would add how much. Wish I lived closer.