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    Interesting handle on this weber

    I'm not a ballaster but you pulling my leg.
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    WSM 14" Mod: Charcoal Grate/Chimney

    Deck. I said deck.
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    What are your favorite BBQ tools? Best burger flipping spatula?

    While there .ay be a lot fancier, more dynamic, and sexier tools, the thermapen is a gidsend
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    Prep table for outdoor cooking area

    Bought my bro a couple folding tables and a couple with the attached sink. Great and convenient. But not stainless.
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    Independence Day Smoke?

    Three birthdays this time. Probably what her family wants. Maybe something special for her. My aunt will be celebrating a deep birthday. Normally we could do something like we all used to. But we cannot. So for me it will be a hard time thinking. But the fourth is the one holiday I put...
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    Review: SLOTDOG Hot Dog Slicing Tool

    Good to see you covered a worry of mine. First thought was that a sharp blade would cut you when you had to pull the hot dog off.
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    Vortex With Aluminum Foil

    Yes. I have seen him in person do this.
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    Vortex With Aluminum Foil

    What if the chunks were near the bottom and the smoke had to go through the hot zone
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    Vortex With Aluminum Foil

    Sounds like a bit of added wood in the vortex would give a very clean smoke?
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    Meat Drippings...Do you?

    Meat drippings... Do you drink them immediately and even ask for a straw at the restaurant much to the horror of your GF? Well as a former vegan. Yes I do.
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    So it looks like pulled pork for the 4th.

    Whoa. That is a 100% good decision. Just saw Emeril hide pulled pork inside corn bread muffins. Hmmm. I hear of some places finally lowering the price on brisket. Until then it will be the incredibly easy crowd pleaser. Ps. What would be a Fourth of July pulled pork or brisket recipe? There...
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    Review: SLOTDOG Hot Dog Slicing Tool

    Very good review. Info came through clearly. Easy to pick up. The best part; the spiral cut how-to! As someone who makes those infrequently over the last 45 years. How did I not do it that way. Thanks
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    Weber Family Portraits

    Bowing in honor of the round, mound of brown renown.
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    Advice for smoking bone-in-chuck short ribs

    Drool. Those do look good. And very meaty...