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    Thinner pizza crust.

    Congratulations on finally getting this down. The crust can be picky. Those look good. It can be hard to get thinner. The right dough and the right rise method will make it easier. But you didbwell. Again, congratulations
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    Hi from Northern Calif

    See Jon Tofte posts on summit
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    First time using WSM 22

    But then what is my excuse
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    Cleaning and care of cooking grates and water pan

    Hard to go out now. People are crazy. Prices are unreal. Throw in traffic and parking... I can barely afford to shop at the grocery store. Same here. And I do remember the incredibly cheap breakfasts. Now it is double digits for less.
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    Summit Kamado: Not Golf Ball Proof

    What did the famous comic say...
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    What you cooking for the Fourth of July Weekend?

    Midway. The airport was jammed. The streets were dangerous
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    Marty Leach Wooden Handles

    I might need some assistance here... J
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    What you cooking for the Fourth of July Weekend?

    It is amazing how fast a week goes by. Maybe two weeks or a month next time. Ps. For any if you who do not regularly drop people off at the airport at 345am on a sunday morning, it is very dangerous.
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    Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner - Weber Deluxe Poultry Roaster

    It is hard to beat the price on the Costco mini dinos But you beat it on taste and presentation
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    My 2021 Weber Premium!

    Thought the wheels make up for the longer third leg.
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    What you cooking for the Fourth of July Weekend?

    What can you call a twinkie, with a hot pepper stuffed into... ah no way. This is too dangerous.
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    Weber needs to make one of these!

    A well designed, simple to use product, at a popular price point, could do wonders. Have some differentiation with pricier products and roll.
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    Grillers circle.

    That's it. My memory on your thread was failing. Looks great. From a distance looks like old bowling alley lane made into a table. Nice. I still need to build one for a buddy who is not doing well. Send me some tips about mounting etc. Thanks!
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    Grillers circle.

    And I am reasonably certain that criticizing them.... Why I nominate others
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    My 2021 Weber Premium!

    One longer leg, larger triangle, two wheels. ?