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    What are your favorite BBQ tools? Best burger flipping spatula?

    John, I have that exact spatul, I think it came with a grilling set from pampered chef. I love the strength of the handle and how stiff the metal part is as well.. Tim
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    What are your favorite BBQ tools? Best burger flipping spatula?

    My Thermapen has become irreplaceable. my wife bought me a good pair of heat resistant gloves that I really like, but as for one particular tool, my family loves smash burgers. For years I didn’t have a burger press so I used the bottom (saucer) of a 6” terra cotta pot. A couple years ago I got...
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    SpaceX launch.

    Myself, my 19 year old so.n and one of his friends were playing golf Sat when it Launched. We stopped in the 9th fairway to watch it take place. I told them it’s gonna be a “remember where you where when....” kind of moment.
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    Holy wow those look like a pic from a magazine Chris!! I love burnt ends and those pics have suddenly moved them to the top of my to-do list! Tim
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    Out of the Charcoal Loop

    Just throw some kbb in the smoker and enjoy yourself. Call me crazy, but the stuff is still sold everywhere, and I for the most part, the standard by which all others are judged; some better, some worse. Go Get a bag or 2, try it and see....have I tried a few other types of charcoal? Sure. But...
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    Kingsford original, 2 20lb bags $16.99 at Lowes through the 27th...
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    Lowe’s Kingsford sale...

    Kingsford Original Charcoal Briquettes, BBQ Charcoal for Grilling- 20 -lbs Each (Pack of 2) Item: #1155634 Model: #4460032069
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    MLB Opening Day 2020. Not.

    UFC, Bundesliga, and NASCAR have all proven there can (safely) be live sports. Now it’s time for Major League Baseball and the NBA to play catch-up and find a way to do the same.. Tim
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    Nitrile or vinyl gloves for Q'in' and grillin'

    Do you have a harbor freight nearby? I have not been in ours t check lately, but that’s where I had bee buying mine before chaos and fear took looking for SIZE XL? Tim
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    Sauce #5 - Recipe?

    This is the beauty of the #5 sauce. It is an exceptional sauce with thrust the original 5 ingredients, but Those 5 ingredients also lend themselves perfectly to whatever it is you wish to add to make it perfect in your own way. Myself, I like to add a shot of Captain Morgan spiced rum. It gives...
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    All Wisconsin Dinner

    See, this is exactly why I love this site soooo dang much!!! Jim, your cooks NEVER cease to amaze, and this is no different. But, I had never thought of using a jar ring for an egg!!! Mind Blown....... what’s that saying about simple things and simple minds... Thanks for sharing, Tim (originally...
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    Weber outdoor gas heater $70 Greensboro, NC

    I can honestly say,This (to me at least) is somewhat of a unicorn as I have never seen one of these before.....
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    Just a quick trip into the woods

    We’re headed out for 4 days in a couple of weeks, haven’t been in the camper since the week of New Years....this will be our 1st trip with our 28” Blackstone, to say I’m exctied is a major understatement. Great pics, I’m curious as well how you like the chainsaw. Thanks for sharing, Tim
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    Smoked pork loin and burgers

    Do you watch Sam the cooking guy? Tim
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    Shopping and Social Distancing

    Glad you were able to survive such a traumatic event. You sure showed them! Feel free to bash me all you like, but in the grandest scheme of things, two reps talking in a store they’re stocking for you to shop in, this is what you have to complain about? How’s about next time, from your safe 6’...