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    Will there be any Memorial Day Weekend Charcoal Sales this year?

    Isn't there usually a sale right around Easter on KBB as well? Haven't seen anything about that yet either. I'm getting ridiculously low and I hate to pay regular price for charcoal!
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    Pork Steak for Two

    Yep, that is the one! I had bought a couple 1.25" pork steaks a few years back to try that out. Had them in the fridge and was ready to make them on a Tuesday evening. Unfortunately, I ended up having a major diverticulitis attack that Monday morning and had to have emergency surgery Monday...
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    Pork Steak for Two

    Bob, was it you that posted pics of a pork steak cook about 4-5 years ago where you put them in a sauce bath in a foiled pan? We just had some thin pork steaks on the kettle tonite and I reminded my wife that I still need to try that method out.
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    7th Annual Smithfield King of the Smoker, Indian Wells CA

    Not to be a nit picker, but the last pic in the first post is not Jeff Vanderlinde from Shiggin' and Grinnin'.
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    1st Vortex Wings - Really Hot and Fast

    I get some pretty large wings from a local butcher. They are whole wings, and I cook them 12 minutes per quarter turn of the lid and they are done perfectly. I am only able to fit 14 wings on the Weber gourmet grate without overcrowding.
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    Another new Kingsford charcoal coming soon?

    Anxiously awaiting the side by side test with regular K to see if it really runs 25% longer.
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    Something like Vortex XS mini?

    Looks awesome. What type of metal did you use to make that?
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    Clay saucer size

    What is the width of those pans for the 22" Enrico? I see some other pans made for a Kamado that are a bit cheaper than the ones listed for the WSM pan.
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    Weber Summit Charcoal Grill and Summit Charcoal Grilling Center - New for 2016

    I stopped into a Weber dealer today that had both models out in front of the store to check them out. They had cooked a pork butt and a chicken earlier in the day on the base model. Store rep says he usually cooks on an egg and was highly impressed with the new Webers. He got them in earlier...
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    Trouble holding temps on 14.5 WSM

    Airflow is good/normal. Funny thing, after I posted this I went out and took a peek at temps at it was locked in at 260. Maybe it just needed a little public shaming to get its act together. Not sure what the issue was at all though. I'll try more lit next time and see if it comes up to temp...
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    Trouble holding temps on 14.5 WSM

    I just got this 14.5 WSM this spring and Ive done a couple cooks so far on it. First 2 times was a couple butts and today a load of rib tips. First 2 butt cooks I used water in the pan, and today I went with a foiled, empty pan. My issue is that I cannot keep temps to stay above 200-225. I used...
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    Home Depot early spring KBB sale?

    Ive bought it online before and picked it up, even though I live about 6 blocks from HD.
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    Home Depot early spring KBB sale?

    Just spoke to a manager at my local HD...he says that the spring Black Friday sale on KBB starts next Thursday. No word on price from him, but it will happen next week.
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    Home Depot early spring KBB sale?

    I looked at that before posting Chris. Just thought that someone that posted here in the past worked at HD and may have had a bit of inside info on the date that it may be happening this year, if at all.
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    Home Depot early spring KBB sale?

    Anybody have the inside scoop on when Home Depot is having their early spring sale on KBB this year? Isn't it usually the first or second weekend after Easter? Sick of paying full price for KBB lately!