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    Stoker and target temps

    The first time I used the Stoker, I miss-installed the blower so that the damper on the blower never could close (I installed the unit upside-down. I could not bring down the temps in the wsm. After I noticed my lack of following instructions, I corrected the upside-down fan, and now the...
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    Initial Stoker Experience.

    Mine does. Makes my dogs ears perk up when it turns on, but since her nose is already in the air smelling what's cooking... it's hardly noticable
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    Just want to make sure i'm up-to-date

    I never could get MSN to work. Opened up a gmail account, and eventually, all worked fine! Suggest same for you!
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    What is foiling supposed to do to my brisket?

    You're going to get as many opposing answers to this question as whether to put water in the pan. Last weekend I followed this Brisket Recipe Previously I had foiled. This time I did as was written. It came out consierably less mushy with much more bark on the outside (good). I will not...
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    To foil, or not to foil brisket

    Makes sense! Thanks.
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    To foil, or not to foil brisket

    So I did up two packers this weekend. (big Oscar party). I chose one of the recipes that did not use a foiling method. (I've used foiling for my previous briskets, and they've come out well). This time I just put on the thick rub, did a low and slow at 240 the whole night (controled by a...
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    Testing A New Combination

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Vincent Carrocci: For this cook I was using a 10cfm fan but I do have a 5cfm that I will likely do some tests with in the future. I don't want to put...
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    22.5 jacket

    So whatever happened to the bbq guru's "soon to get" 22.5 WSM jacket? I had emailed them couple months ago, and they said weeks away. Now they're not answering when, if ever.
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    First overnight cook had an issue

    Sounds to me like opening the vent fully was the culprit in rising temperatures. You added oxygen to the system, which is no way to cool a fire! You want to do the opposite- close the vents, and starve the fire. Let the stoker inlet be practically the only source of o2.
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    New WSM 22.5 OR Kettle with Cajun Bandit?

    That's really odd. I have what I believe is the One Touch 22.5, and I know I have the WSM 22.5. I've put the rotisserie on the wsm and it fits just fine! I do know that when it's on my kettle, a lot of air leaks in, but as you mention, it's not a problem since I cook chicken at high temps.
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    Seasoning your pit.

    I understand the logic of not mixing salmon smokes and others, but a bit bummed at the news. I'm sure it's one of those...if you're not a competitor, relax and have a home brew!
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    Ordered my Stoker Today!

    . I've only forwarded port 80 to my stoker. (I've done the IP reservation, and forwarding for port 80. All is working well to the outside internet {I can access from my Iphone over 3g net}. But I notice your advice on port 23. I'm having an issue getting Stokerlog to email or text out...
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    Just want to make sure i'm up-to-date

    In using my gmail account: username:markerskine184 password is my password send to: Host Name: port: 587 (I've also tried 465) Secure login is checked From: enable email logging is checked. I get nothing. Have checked my...
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    Just want to make sure i'm up-to-date

    Actually- here's an error that happens the first time I try to send an email. Foreign language to me, but perhaps someone else? ************** Exception Text ************** System.FormatException: The specified string is not in the form required for an e-mail address. at...