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    Noob on the 18"WSM any droid apps? Go to books?

    I also recommend the book that Chad Bman suggested. Great to get the feel of things and is pretty specific to the wsm. I also have both weber apps (on the grill & weber grills). Very handy to have on hand. Especially at work when all you want to do is BBQ.
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    What am I doing wrong?

    A lot of great suggestions here for you to try. My 2 cents would be an ash problem and to try a brand other than kingsford blue. I made the switch to maple leaf on a suggestion from a competition cooker and found that in the end the ash was less than half that of kingsford blue.
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    Hello all from Canada!

    Keep your stick on the ice!
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    Proud owner of a new 18.5" WSM!

    Oh what you've just got yourself into... you will never stop thinking of the possibilities now... I should know, I'm a fellow sufferer. But fear not, you are amongst friends. Lol
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    Hello all from Canada!

    Not really sure why I didn't join sooner. Foolish younger days...
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    Hello all from Canada!

    Sorry, Southern Ontario, Toronto.
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    Hello all from Canada!

    Hi everyone, been a charcoal kettle griller for about 6 years with the occasional kettle smoking attempt. Bought my WSM smoker last summer and now I'm hooked. Been picking up advise from this forum for years and love the whole environment. Just a complete wealth of knowledge in one location!!!
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    Maverick et-732 vs et-733

    Thanks for the info guys!
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    Maverick et-732 vs et-733

    Hi all, just built up the nerve to join and post but been a reader for some time. I'm looking to add the maverick temp monitor to my bbq arsenal but had a question... is the new model, the maverick 733 worth the extra money or should I go with the tried and true 732? I've noted the delicate...
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    My version of a wsm-table

    Amazing! Truely functional and an outstanding addition to the beauty of the wsm itself. Really well done.