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    Extra rack(s) on 22.5 WSM

    I love to smoke beef jerky on my 22 WSM, I am able to use a total of 4 racks and build a small enough fire to cook as low as 140F for several hours.
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    Bent Lid

    I need help on LID for 22.5 WSM. While cleaning my WSM at the car wash I dropped the lid from a worktable. The lid fell about three feet and landed on concrete floor. I thought it landed straight down but apparently it hit on the edge and consequently bent a section about 5 inches across the...
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    Silly (probably) question on temperature probe grommet

    I have lost several of the clips for attaching probes to grill grates. My solution is to take a medium sized wood chunk and dril a hole thru it slightly larger than the probe. Wood block can be placed on any grate in any position.
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    Mod for top vent cap (for shielding rain)?

    I can make it rain by starting a fire in my 22 WSM. I own an EZ_UP canopy but it is a pain to set up. If I get an afternoon shower, which is common in Tomball Texas, I take the lid off my Weber Master Touch and set it on top the WSM lid. So far the wind has never interfered.
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    Pancetta from boston butt money muscle

    I read somewhere while back about using money muscle to make cured pancetta, Any help
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    Trout grilling

    No pics but I got lucky. I placed fish directly on grate, skin down and let them cook in center portion of grill with fire in both side baskets. Grate was just "DIRTY" enough that fish did not stick. I was able to flip them and not lose any flesh. Thanks for help
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    Trout grilling

    I'm not much at cooking fish. I love to eat grilled rainbow trout fillets. I bought these yesterday and need some help cooking them on my WEBER Master Touch 22.
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    Wheels 4 WSM 22

    Can't say what's best but Incan say I have used 3 ways. First I did the 2 wheels on a straight axle. This was not safe inmy opinion. Kept separating from the mid section when moving. My next effort was putting 3 inch wheels on the 3 legs. This didn't steer right for me. I nnow have my smoker...
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    I just had the best brisket EVER - but it was cooked to 180* internal? Seem strange?

    I wonder if your friend has an accurate thermometer!!
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    Brisket Temp Question

    It sounds like you didn't have enough fuel in the ring. I would never put $40.00+ on the smoker with $2 worth of charcoal and go to sleep.
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    Jerky for the first time on the WSM!

    I Have been doing quite a bit of beef jerky on my 22 WSM. I added a center grate for jerky allowing me to start out with 6 pounds of meat strips. I experimented with minion and snake method. Because you are trying to dry the meat with low heat, it is important to keep the bottom dampers open as...
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    Killing 2 birds

    I will be smoking 2 small, 10-12 Lb turkeys. Using a 22.5 WSM will I be able to cook both on top rack only?
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    Salt free sausage recipe needed

    I have a brother in law who has strict orders to eat no salt. I have been able to make pork ribs and pulled pork without salt, but I know he loves him some sausage. I make sausage frequently but never without salt. I realize that the first requirement would be uncured because of the high salt...
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    Help on beef short ribs

    I will be attempting to cook beef short ribs tomorrow. My local HEB supplied 4 ribs individually cut . I cooked beef ribs once before and wasn't totally satisfied. I plan on using WSM 22.5 with no water in pan. Season and rub with salt and pepper. Will shoot for 250-265 temp and 200 IT. I...
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    feedback on first cook in my 14.5 temp was a touch low.

    Just my nicles worth but I do not put anything in pan. I think it is an excellent heat diffuser for even distribution but water is no help