Help on beef short ribs


J Bowie

TVWBB Member
I will be attempting to cook beef short ribs tomorrow. My local HEB supplied 4 ribs individually cut . I cooked beef ribs once before and wasn't totally satisfied. I plan on using WSM 22.5 with no water in pan. Season and rub with salt and pepper. Will shoot for 250-265 temp and 200 IT. I don't plan to wrap or crutch. I will use hickory chunks on HEB Blue Charcoal.
Any other recommendations will be appreciated

Steven P (Tupelo)

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I agree with no wrap or crutch. I cook them at 225 to 250 with water in the pan, start spritzing with Dr. Pepper after the bark has set. They just need time to get tender. I don't care for hickory with beef, mesquite or oak usually for me and mine, but that's just a personal preference. I do go light on smoke with beef ribs, just one medium chunk. They are one of my very favorite things to cook and especially EAT. Enjoy!

Dustin Dorsey

TVWBB Hall of Fame
I've cooked them once I agree with cutting off the fat cap. They are way too rich with it on, especially if you are serving a rib whole. You don't wanna bite right into that fat. Definitely pull the membrane. I like your plan. I like a lot of smoke.

Bill Farmer

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I just keep my temps at 250 and pull when tender. With 4 ribs it sounds like the uncut short ribs I buy. (They are about 10"-12" long with either 3 or 4 ribs). Definitely good eats!!!