Help on beef short ribs


J Bowie

TVWBB Member
I will be attempting to cook beef short ribs tomorrow. My local HEB supplied 4 ribs individually cut . I cooked beef ribs once before and wasn't totally satisfied. I plan on using WSM 22.5 with no water in pan. Season and rub with salt and pepper. Will shoot for 250-265 temp and 200 IT. I don't plan to wrap or crutch. I will use hickory chunks on HEB Blue Charcoal.
Any other recommendations will be appreciated
I agree with no wrap or crutch. I cook them at 225 to 250 with water in the pan, start spritzing with Dr. Pepper after the bark has set. They just need time to get tender. I don't care for hickory with beef, mesquite or oak usually for me and mine, but that's just a personal preference. I do go light on smoke with beef ribs, just one medium chunk. They are one of my very favorite things to cook and especially EAT. Enjoy!
I've cooked them once I agree with cutting off the fat cap. They are way too rich with it on, especially if you are serving a rib whole. You don't wanna bite right into that fat. Definitely pull the membrane. I like your plan. I like a lot of smoke.
I just keep my temps at 250 and pull when tender. With 4 ribs it sounds like the uncut short ribs I buy. (They are about 10"-12" long with either 3 or 4 ribs). Definitely good eats!!!