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    Roll Call

    Present and accounted for. Thanks Chris :) Now also let me try a picture:
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    Making more bacon

    Sweet ;) Looks good. Have you ever tried cold smoking?
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    First time bacon - need some help

    Yep, The mistake is in the top. First they say amounts for 5 kg of meat Then they give the amounts per kg, but those are the amounts per 5 kg ... Definitely a very messy translation and potentially dangerous! I used to be a member of their forum, lemme see if I can still post and point it out
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    First time bacon - need some help

    Just had a look and I think I know what you mean and what happened (I use the book, same as you) I think there are 3 methods mentioned in the recipe. I looked at this one, just to make sure we are on the same page: Line 6...
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    First time bacon - need some help

    I cold smoke my bacon. Never tried the warm/hot smoke so can't comment on that. I didn't see it mentioned in this thread, but check out the Marianski book (most is online) "home production of quality meat and sausages".
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    First time bacon - need some help

    Since I am imperially challenged, I am not going to say much about the amounts, just that weighing is better than volume amounts. 5 days in the cure is definitely not too long. I wouldn't shorten it. In the end, you will get an equilibrium, you do need to give the nitrite time to do its work...
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    Finally got a 14.5 WSM!

    Congratulations! Looks like you got a good deal ;)
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    Cure #1 quantities vary per chef/butcher/Pit Master

    Let's see: If you would add 2% of this mixture (based on meat weight) You would apply 120 ppm sodium nitrite 180 ppm sodium nitrate and 16.5 gr salt So you would be on the low side, but not too low for nitrites If you would want 20 gram salt per kg meat, you would add 24.2 gram of this mixture...
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    My Dutch build Mini WSM

    Looking good!
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    My Dutch build Mini WSM

    Looking good! Can you show us some pics of the food you've made in the mini?
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    Cure #1 quantities vary per chef/butcher/Pit Master

    I hear you. The cure #1 I can get here is an 8% formulation, so much higher than the more standard 6.25%. Most of mainland Europe uses Clorozo, or pokelsalz (pekel zout) which has 0.6% Sodium Nitrite in it, and you just use it instead of "normal" salr. Some time ago, I worked my way through the...
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    Cheers from Thailand

    Welcome! Where in Thailand do you live?
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    Merry Christmas - We're Moving To Xenforo!

    Sounds like a good plan. Especially with regards to the pictures! Thanks for all the good work!
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    Introduction from Netherlands

    I have to admit that October/November is not my favourite time for grilling and BBQ, but for opposite reasons.... At over 42 oC, I don't feel much like tending a fire. I am sort of OK up to 40 oC though ;) {lenty beer is needed for sure:)
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    How Do YOU Clean Your WSM?

    I quite often cook without the water pan, so no cleaning necessary there. Other than that, just scrape the grates. And as I often just use just the bottom part with ring and grid for grilling, it's a breeze as well. Fire up the little thing (mine's the 14.5" WSM) and then scrape the grid as...