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    New research from USDA: Don't wash chicken before cooking

    I started wearing disposable rubber gloves when handling poultry.
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    What was your first smoker ?

    I smoked my first rack of ribs on my Red Genesis 1000 with a Weber smoker box. I was hooked ! Soon after I got a WSM 18.5 and never looked back.
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    Frozen Burger Guidance

    Mathew, That is a very small burger, indeed! lol
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    Hanging meat in the WSM

    Robert, Just got mine from
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    Back Ribs Foil Ingredients

    I use frozen apple juice concentrate diluted 50:50 with water rather than the called for 25:75 called for on the can. I also add the undiluted concentrate to my BBQ sauce for the glaze.
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    70-21 St. Louis Ribs

    70-21 St Louis Ribs ?
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    Smoked Salmon

    You could smoke it per Jim's recipe then freeze and vacuum pack with a food saver type device. Then place into a small styrofoam cooler with several ice packs. Should be good for quite a while. Oh, by the way the recipe is awesome.
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    How long can you rest roast pork?

    Make sure to let them cool slightly before you wrap. Otherwise they will continue to cook and end up pullable rather than sliceable.
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    Rotisserie + brining advice

    Daum, Just curious, about how long did the 20# bird take to cook @350° on the spit and what were your int. temps? Thanks Al
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    My "take" on low temperature heat control - it's IMPOSSIBLE without water in the pan.

    I had the same problem until I installed some 3/4 " nickel plated hole plugs that I got at Home depot.
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    Throwdown #36: Sirloin Steak

    Just curious... Are not Chris Arnold's and TonyUK's steaks both the same strip loin cut? They both look like, what we call, NY strips.
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    First attempt at St. Louis Ribs and Keri's famous beans, but I have a question.

    This method of balling up the foil was told to me by Bob Trudnak @ The BBQ Guru Co. He said that it acted like a kind of heat diffuser to moderate the temps from below without it acting as a heat sink.
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    Ribs in foil

    I have been cooking and selling BBQ to co-workers friends neighbors etc. for many years now and the one thing that is most important is consistency. I cook my ribs using a 4-.75-.5 method @ 235°. I foil with 1/4 cup of apple juice, bone side down. They always come out with great flavor and come...
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    First attempt at St. Louis Ribs and Keri's famous beans, but I have a question.

    Jeff, When using the DigiQ you should have all bottom vents closed and the top vent open and no water in the pan. The pan should contain three sheets of HD foil that have been balled up and then spread open. Then cover the pan with additional sheet of foil to catch the drippings.