Your favorite soda/pop growing up


Brad Olson

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I was a kid in the 1950's, so mainly Coke, Pepsi, RC, and various brands of root beers, etc.
Mom had to have a 6 oz. Coke while she grocery shopped the small store in the small town where we lived.
One of my favorites, if you can call it soda pop, was Choc-Ola. Mom didn't buy them often, but Oh man when she did! I could down one in about 2 seconds.

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Interesting. I had you figured a sarsaparilla from the general store, when the wagon train stopped in town.;)

When I was really young (like 3) my mom would take me with when she went to the IGA that was just up the street. It had a soda fountain and one of the women who worked there was named Lola, so apparently (because I don't remember it) I would climb up on a stool and say, "Lola, chocolate soda!"


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Yeah, mixed with a cherry coke. lol

I find myself doing that a lot lately. Get tired of drinking plain ice water all the time.
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Once in awhile, DH will bring home Dr. Pepper for me with take-out (I still like it) but my very favorite for some years now has been "Ginger Beer". Any fans of it out there?

Mark Foreman

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I don't remember drinking that much soda as a kid. When we did, it was Coke, Pepsi, RC Cola, or Dad's or Hire's Root Beer. When you were sick but on the mend, Mom or Dad would bring home a 32 oz bottle of 7-Up.
My uncle was the plant manager for Hires Root Beer in LA when I was young. We knew when my uncle was coming over as dad would get out the ice cream churn and we’d make vanilla ice cream. Ahhh…. I’ll never forget those root beer floats!


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Dr. Brown's Cel-Ray. I still seek it out these days as it's hard to find here on the west coast.



Fanta or Cott or some store brand that was bottled probably by Polar

Tonic or Soda. Pop is not used in most of New England

Bob Bailey

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Cherry coke at the soda shop. 2 pumps of cola syrup and one of cherry. In bottles it was RC cola or Fanta orange soda.


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My favorite "soda" of all time was when I was a teen...

Friday afternoon, summer job, 100+ degrees out. Was about to clock out when boss asks me to empty a truck and pickup some equip at a wholesale place. Truck has no AC.

I get to the wholesale place, put a quarter in the soda machine and an ice cold can of beer rolls out the bottom. It might have been a budweiser, but it was the best ever.


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We used to pick up empty bottles we had baskets on our bikes. We'd bring them to the Grocerland store on the corner of Cicero and Diversey. Take our "riches", and go to the corner of Wellington and Cicero. There was a drug store there (I guess in those days more an apothecary). It had a soda bar. And we'd get a Green River hand mixed. Don't know that was my fav, but we were "cool".


Started with Coke. When Pepsi redid their cans and bottles from white to blue, they also had a promo for the then-new Star Wars Episode 1, so late ‘90’s. I was about 15-16.

Well you could win stuff, this was before codes and such, it was just printed under the cap. So I would walk into a gas station or grocery store, hold the bottle at the exact angle and get the free ones. I only bought one or two that entire summer. I got a LOT of looks, lots of “does that really work?”, store managers coming up to me telling me I had to buy all the ones I opened and that they watched me open them, no I didn’t. I’d get the first one free, open it and get the next free, etc.

Then I discovered Mtn dew and still indulge regularly.

Pop really is bad. I was younger and my mom absolutely refused to buy pop so I would go without and my mouth would get dry….it was bad haha.


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Haven't had pop in many years now. Thanks to the chemical nightmare that is allowed in our food and drink (think, Aspertame, High Frutcose corn syrup, etc) I don't touch it. Doc warned me a number of years ago about an aberration in a liver test. Then after giving it thought asked me about pop consumption. Then Bingo. She said stop. The high frutcose syrup was causing the issues (an it was). Have not touched the stuff since. She explained it is processed in your liver and reacts like alcohol. I watch for that garbage like a hawk now.

Jason Godard

Polar Birch Beer, it was clear like 7up, but usually expensive. I’ve been limiting my intake of hfcs. Now, if I could only cut out sugar.