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There is ten Genesis grills to every Q grill in use today. That is probably the biggest reason. The Q is a very simple grill....Which I consider to be a big plus. They don't present a lot of problems and other than the grates, they are very durable.

Rich G

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I have two "boomerang" Q200's that just showed up in my yard since my kids are both between lodging. :)

I will, of course, have to run them through some QC checks! :) I echo Bruce's comments above. About the only issue that seems to be recurring with the Q is the lack of longevity in the regulator (and the cost to replace them).....of course, doing the 20lb tank swap can fix that cheaper (though with less portability.)

Nice chick on the Char-Q, @Jon Tofte.

Jon Tofte

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I do think the Weber Q series are still a bit of well-kept secret. I used to look at them and think, "Nice toy for camping or picnic, but why would I really want to grill on one of those?" Then I got an old Q 200 from our organization's thrift store for ten or 15 bucks.

BEFORE Outside.jpg BEFORE Grate.jpg

I cleaned it up...

AFTER Outside on cart.JPG AFTER Grate.jpg

And gave it a try:


Wow! I couldn't believe what an effective - and easy to use and clean - this Q turned out to be. Like Bruce says, its simplicity is a big strong point, yet don't think it can't do a GREAT job. And, if you go with the big Q3200 you have almost as much grilling space as a Genesis 300 series grill. Not for low and slow (at least in my book) but a very appealing option for regular grilling. If you also like charcoal, try to find a CharQ. You will love it!

CharQ cooking burgers & dogs.jpeg


Absolutely love my Q1200. Got it as a portable/tailgating grill and ended up selling my Genesis and the Q is my only home gas grill now. Gets very hot for a great sear and I've even used it on low with a baking sheet and grill rack for more of an "indirect" type cook. It's a damn workhorse.

Two nights ago, steaks, baked potatoes, and corn on the cob.


Perfect compliment to my SSP


Favorite way to do fish


Searing machine




The griddle insert works great too




Bob Marlatt

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I have a 22+ year old WSM, a newish Weber kettle, and an ancient ex-wife-dumpster-dive smokey joe. But, it's the little floor-model Q I talked a home depot manager into selling me for half price that has by far and away seen the most cooks. I got a regulator to hook up full size tanks, and it sits on my deck year-round. Whenever it snows the last order of business is shoveling out a spot to the Q. It is ready and willing 365 days a year; rain, shine, or snow... and when I do grill or barbecue with charcoal it makes that experience just a little more special.

Steve Lenz

My 3200 gets used all year round. It’s great when I don’t have time to light the charcoal on my kettle grill. As said simple design, easy to use. I am on my 2nd set of grates. Grill is 7 or 8 years old.

John Burns

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Q's are incredibly popular in Australia. Less so in other regions. That's also why Australia gets the widest assortment of Q specific accessories. #IworkforWeber