Who would you like to see host Jeopardy?


Bruce McClure

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Mike Richards said something on a blog back in the 90's that offended someone, he's out. Sheesh, forget about being human anymore.

Honestly, I don't know how to feel about this. We see where people make these mistakes and are vilified many years later. But don't we get a chance to grow and change? We've all made this type of mistake in the past, and hopefully we've experienced forgiveness.

Am I off base here?


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Of the ones seen so far, my vote is for Aaron Rodgers. I really like his voice and of course his looks. lol And he has a very nice warm, friendly personality.
Oh, maybe Aaron still stands a chance of being selected after all. :love:


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I have nothing personal against Rodgers. I think he is one helluva good QB. But let’s be real, he knew how his statement, “yes I have been immunized” was going to be interpreted. Did he lie? Technically maybe not, he may have just gotten his flu vaccine right before he made his statement. Who knows. Glad the league made him sit out. Glad the producers dropped him. Lost a lot of respect for the man.