Who’s NOT doing a turkey for Thanksgiving?



*raises hand
I'm by myself, so no other families' meals to raid.
Digging in the freezer I'm thinking I'll go way off "traditional" Thanksgiving food and might do pressure cooker shrimp.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 👋

Timothy F. Lewis

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I would gladly drive two hours to see some more family. I really miss my parents at the holidays, all the fussing with food with my Dad, Mom making pies! At least I have the memories.

Brad Olson

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We will be doing a turkey for sure as I'm a turkey junkie.
They traded Bullfrog!

Today was the third straight year we opted for Cornish hens instead of a turkey. With a small crowd the turkeys sold by most supermarkets are much bigger than what we need and the hens are a really versatile option, although for next year I might try to find a Li'l Butterball.

Timothy F. Lewis

TVWBB Olympian
Well, this feast came off pretty well, temperature set the pork back a little. But, all that aside, dinner was a success.
No one left hungry! It was a long day, I tried to put my foot through the leg of the bed and the bed won! Been limping (and swearing) my way through the last couple of days. Feels better today. Glad I don’t have a blessed thing I feel I MUST do today!


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Kevin L (NKY)

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I was not going to cook one but I was given a 14lb butter ball and asked if I could see my way to smoke it. So I am going to do just that in a few days.


I only make pecan pie once, maybe twice a year. Yeah it's like a candy nut pie. I used bourbon in the filling. There were no leftovers.
The mother of one of my roommates in college made a chocolate pecan pie that was like diabetes on a plate. My roommate had one slice of it left he was going to eat for supper. Not as dessert, as his complete supper. He could only finish about two-thirds of it and offered the rest to me. I'd already eaten and it was all I could do to finish the last line of bites along the outer crust. It was delicious but clearly one of the richest things I've ever eaten. It was like a combination of fudge and pecan pie. Never did get the recipe.
We made a road trip and had some turkey that a relative cooked, but for our local dinner with other relatives we cheated and bought a Honey Baked Ham. It's pretty good ham.

T Gabriel

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Nothing like pecan pies and pumpkin pie
2 different Pecan pie made the old fashion way (no Karlo syrup)
Granddaughter approved


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