While the cats away...



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My wife is out of town so that means I get to have pork!

I marinated a pork chop in shoyu, fresh ginger, minced garlic and white pepper for a couple days. Seared that off on the Blackstone and made myself a modified Loco Moco. I made pork gravy from some leftover pork bone broth I made for ramen a while back. That was breakfast Friday morning.

This afternoon I seasoned up a rack of ribs with salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder. Fired up the 14 with KBB set at 325° for a fast cook. Had a plate of (well half a plate) ribs and cantaloupe with Tajin (not pictured).

For desert I've prepared a Lemon blueberry Posset. Its not set yet so no photos sorry :(









:) When my wife is away I get to try new recipes and eat beans! :ROFLMAO: I’m going to try your loco moco with a pork chop. (y)
Wife doesn’t like pork or can’t have it?

That’s a heck of a breakfast right there.
Last time I heard "When the cat's away, the mice will play" was in regard to an illicit BBQ at a summer job. I was working at the US headquarters for an Italian amusement park ride company with a small North American presence. The boss was Italian and lived above our warehouse/HQ. He went on summer vacation for a week and everyone from the welders to the accountants came together for a secret BBQ on a Friday afternoon that was theoretically going to be on our lunch hour. We had a blast. Looking back I'm fairly certain the boss knew exactly what was going on and let it slide.