Where do you find good beef ribs?

Tom Hinkle

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The beef ribs I find at the supermarkets are really crap, not worth having. They are skimpy on the meat and usually have been frozen. I tried making them a couple times and no good. (Maybe it's me, but I think it's the sub-quality ribs.)
Does anyone have a good source for beef ribs? Not super expensive; not looking for wagyu or dry aged prime beef, just good choice but good and meaty would be great.
Looking online or in Southern California (Orange County).


perhaps you're looking for the wrong cut. Try asking for a plate ribs. That's what they make short ribs out of. I get mine at Safeway. But like most things meat theses day's they're not cheap


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I have the same problem as Tom (also in so-Cal). The beef ribs always look like they've come from an emaciated cow - no meat at all.
I've gotten the plate ribs mentioned, but they kinda suck also. They come pre-cut in pack of 4 or 5 & have always have 1 meaty rib, a couple of so so ribs & a couple of bones with little to no meat.


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I live in socal...I go to business costco..they have plate ribs..but also right now because of Covid...Restaurant Depot is open to the public without membership rules. Just when you check in you get a access ticket then your good as gold., What I find nowdays is Meat and Pork is pretty scarce because of distribution...But Costco is good but it was around 3.99 a pound 15-17lb packs. They are USDA choice from Black Canyon Angus. They also have Beef Back Ribs...not the same for 2.99 a pound but they are choice but not angus...better than supermarkets.


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I see some small beef short ribs but they are always cut between the bones and I don't want to cook single ribs, I may have to break down and pay the stupid price and try them, I would suspect a closer watch on temps and probing often will be needed and a quicker cook time also. years ago we bought a case of back ribs and smoked them, they turned out great with plenty of meat. I wont buy what I see now as its bare bones with a little meat between

James H

also see Chris' cooking topics section. Good info on beef ribs....you probably had the back ribs which get pretty cleaned of meat.

Here is a pic of one of my last times...yummy!

Richard Garcia

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Even with this "Virus" problem we continue to have excellent Beef Ribs here in the country of Costa Rica which I know this is of no help to you Orange County Folks!

Brad Olson

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There's always the option of buying a standing rib roast and cutting the ribs yourself. Potentially pricey, but the ribs will be as meaty as you want...

Tom Hinkle

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There's always the option of buying a standing rib roast and cutting the ribs yourself. Potentially pricey, but the ribs will be as meaty as you want...
I have thought of that but I would get too few ribs and a boatload of boneless steaks. Not the best way to get what I want.


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I'd recommend going to your local independent butcher. That way you know you're getting exactly the cut you want, your're not getting shorted on actual meat vs bone, and the meat is almost always better.