What's on your menu?

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Two weeks from tonight we'll all be loading the WSM for an overnight cook. What do you plan to cook?

For the over-nighter I'll smoke a couple pork butts and a couple corned beef points. I'm counting on a friend to smoke a brisket for the party. The next morning hotlinks and baby backs go on the WSM, along with Scotch Eggs and ABT's. I'll also be cooking on my grills - salmon, beef tenderloin, a turkey, brats, and maybe a beef rib roast.

Pies and sides are my wife's & family's responsibility. Not sure what they are planning.

Hi everyone…Very much looking forward to my first smoke day! The menu is not finalized, but will be something like –

Spares, moinks, abt’s on the WSM
Pernil, corn on the cob on the gasser
Rice and beans
Beer and iced tea vodka lemonades for adults

Looking for another app / snack item we can grill / smoke earlier in the day.

Should be fun! Hope we all have great weather – Jim
Hey Everybody,
Looking forward to my first smoke day - luckily the girlfriend's family will be in town so i'll have some help eating all the great food!

Anyhow, here's the menu

1) Fajitas with skirt steak smoked for 1.5 hrs, plus smoked green/red/yellow peppers
2) Pork Butt with The Renowned Mr. Brown rub

May try ABTs for the first time if i get
Gonna do the usual,with a couple new apps. PP,brisket flats,cole slaw,my "kitchen sink" macaroni salad and I will make ABTs and a fatty for the first time. Ok,I tried a fatty before and over cooked the heck out of it! I will get it right this time!
not really into cookin' too much this year...
i maybe fry an eeg or two...
might try some weiners or HAMburgers...
i dunno, howabout a few fishsticks...?
yeah, that oughta do it...

1) fishsticks
2) HAMburgers
3) weiners
4) fried eggs

This will be my first so I better make it worth while

Fatty and ABT's on the kettle
Pulled pork, Ribs on the WSM
for desert some grilled Coconut and Pineapple w/ a Rum brown sugar sauce on the kettle.

I am sure we will have some bisquits or cornbread too but my guest list has shrunk to 6 total so gotta keep it slightly in check
I'm busy on Sat so my cook day will be Sunday. I'm using my stacker for all the meat on my WSM and my offset for the salmon and the chix. On the menu is as follows:

2 x pork butts
1 x ham
1 x rack of beef ribs
1 x rack of spares
1 x whole chicken
1 x salmon

Can't wait, one of my favorite day's of the year, thanks Chris!
It's still coming together, but I'm thinking crowd pleasers: ribs, roadside chicken and shrimp a couple of ways. Then again Weenies like Lampe is doing sound OK too!
<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by timothy:
Some Smoked chili burgers with fries and a pasta salad.

Tim </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

Never tried smoked chili burgers, sounds both interesting and good!
I'll be doing 2 butts and a big brisket overnight Friday so that it will be ready for the festivities Saturday. For appetizers I'm making my now famous (with my friends anyway) pulled pork egg rolls, a batch of ABTs, and I'm toying with the idea of making a batch of pulled pork tamales.
<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Rick Bonney:
Rick here from St. Louis, We are having Ribs, Boston Butt, a Meat log, and a whole turkey,and
Lots of homebrew </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

Rick...no pork steaks??
For my first Smoke Day, I'm thinking something special and a bit different: wild boar.
I have at least three sources to hit, and I'm pretty sure I can lay my hands on a shoulder roast, or at least some ribs. Both would be a bonus in my WSM.
Richard Hinton: Boar ribs in my oppinion is not worth doing. Made em twise and it was not good at all. But that might be an issue with how they cut it. Pls take some pics and prove me wrong,couse i have an unlimitet suply of wild boars
Wolgast, I found a shoulder roast that I intend to do like a Boston butt. I'll take notes and pics and let you know.
We're overrun with feral hogs so this is my good deed for the hog-ravaged landowners around here.
We're starting to nail down the menu. It looks like a butt for PP sammies and three racks of StL ribs with some local brew house products to wash it down. We're just having a few family and friends over. I have some recipes I've been wanting to try so I may do the ribs three different ways.
Well, my plans have changed slightly. I am working Saturday, but we are having our Relay for Life parking lot sale. And I will be grilling hot dogs for donations! Sunday we will do our Smoke day celebration:

Pork butt
Butt can chicken
Ribs (?)
Grilled vegies and corn on the cob
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