What's on your menu?

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Smoke day has (luckily) coincided with my neighbor's 40th B-day party. His wife has asked my wife and I to help cater the shin-dig and she made a special request for my brisket!

Well, it's really Jamie Purviance's brisket...I follow his recipe from "Weber's Way to Grill".

Two packer briskets have been slathered with mustard and sprinkled with rub and are now resting comfortably in the fridge. They go on tomorrow morning at 7am to be ready for the start of the party at 3pm! Hope to post some pictures tomorrow during the process....

The answer to your question is not what I was expecting, because you can't get this Blueberry Pie at the Norske Nook.

Bobbi took the Norske Nook Raisin Pie recipe and is substituting dried blueberries for the raisins. It will be a Sour Cream Dried-Blueberry Pie.

The plan for Monday is now a 10 pound standing rib roast cooked on the WSM served with baby yukon gold potatoes and a spinach salad. I'm super excited!
Finally got my menu together.

Pulled Pork
Baby Backs
sides of German potato salad, regular potato salad, baked beans, slow cooked green beans
hoping to come up with a mustard sauce for one of the picky kids.

not smoking, but grilling ribeyes with garlic butter, Nurnberger brats, burgers and Orange and White Chicken. Hubby's a big Tennessee Volunteers fan, so we sometimes eat color-themed foods! This one is diced chicken marinated in teriyaki, cooked on grill in pan with large chunks of orange bell pepper and white onions. I usually grill some pineapple slices, and serve the whole mess with rice.

And we're hoping to have some biscuits and gravy, and some sort of chorizo and egg scramble with cornbread and honey/pecan butter. Then the kitchen will be closed for a few days. lol
Typically we miss smoke day because we go to the beach the week before memorial day. However, somebody else reserved the place we stay. Today would be the day we would be heading back. I'm smoking a brisket today.
Just doing some smoked beef jerky this weekend...nothing too complicated.

Happy Smoke Day to everyone!

Memorial Day Weekend - take a moment to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice.
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