What music streaming services do you recommend...?


Frank in Colorado

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I have used Pandora and most recently Amazon Prime. I pay for the privileged of not hearing commercials.

Pandora seemed to repeat too many songs within a genre... even within a few hours and definetly the next day
I just canceled Amazon. Had a 4 month trial period for $0.99/ month. Somethings I did not like about it.

Family members have Spodify and they seem to like it, I may go to them next.

What do you use and are there any others out there. I do not mind paying to not listen to advertisements.
Up until a couple months ago, I was using Amazon Unlimited at about $7 a month over and above my Prime membership.

But I've moved to YouTube Music. For $12 a month I get ad free YT vids and YT Music. I'm not having any trouble finding what I want to listen to on YT. They gave me a three month free trial and it did take me long to figure out it was a better deal than Amazon Unlimited.

Amazon quit allowing me to upload music to my account. I bought the 2019 Crossroads CD/DVD and it was not on Amazon Unlimited and they would not let me upload it. YouTube allows me to upload. And I watch a lot of YT , no ads is great !

I don't like giving Google money. But its really a choice between two super large evils in my books, Google or Amazon. I'm not a fan of Big Tech, but reality is I have to use them. Sort've the state of things, right now
What type of devices do you have? Apple music seems to have about anything you want and can build playlists, etc. My son likes Spotify. What’s really funny is when I do listen to music, I usually stream my Sirius XM and listen to Road Trip Radio. So, if you happen to have Sirius XM subscription already you might see if it includes streaming.
I am a YouTube addict so picked up Premium, and the YouTube Music comes along for the ride....I really enjoy it. I am not a hardcore music person though....I really just love it all.
I had Pandora premium for a while and it was OK, but you were limited in terms of flexibility and 'downloadability'. I'm an Amazon Prime member, and have dabbled in Amazon music, but never really spent enough time with it to figure out if it'd work for me. A couple years ago, I cancelled the Pandora and went with Apple Music - I already had a lot of music in my iTunes library from CD's I'd uploaded over the years so that worked well. The new Apple Music allows a lot of downloads, which is nice if you'll be somewhere without a signal, or don't want to burn through data on a cell plan. I've got lot's of playlists, but I do wish the 'radio' options were a bit better. Bottom line, I'm happy with it and it works well with our house full of Apple devices. With the kids getting more into music and my wife becoming more comfortable with the idea of streaming and using her phone for music, we've upgraded to the family plan, which works well for us.
Honestly I like Pandora. I like their ability to make your own channel(s), Even on the basic version. I also use Sirius XM app (since I subscribe to Sirius) in both my cars. I love the 50's on 5, 60's on 6 and 70's on 7 channels, "The Message" channel I love the Soul Channel as well (49) and there is also a Black Gospel channel I really enjoy (64 IIRC).
I like having XM for that as I don't have to go to the bother of setting up streaming when I get in the car.
I had Google Play Music and liked it quite a bit. But Google killed it and moved everyone over to YouTube Music. I won't go into what all I liked about GPM, since it isn't even an option now, but many of the big ones either don't exist on YouTube Music, or don't work the way it should. I'm trying, but have just been disappointed with it. I typically listen to one of my own playlists as opposed to "stations" or whatever they call them. The two main reasons that I don't like YouTube Music are that when I start a shuffle of one of my playlists, it always seems to start on the same couple of songs, and on the rare occasion is does not, it's a song from the same album (My Classics playlist always starts with Meatloaf and then Supertramp before going "random"). And then it just seems to stop after about an hour, give or take 15 minutes. I've tried Amazon Music and it's ok, but seems to be missing more of the songs I really want than the others.

I've been trying out Spotify and am liking it quite a bit. When I start shuffling a playlist the randomness seems more random (I actually read that they had to create an algorithm to simulate randomness because true randomness could sometimes play the same song three times over a half hour), it keeps going until I stop it, and the sound quality is higher.
I'm currently using Amazon Music HD and I like it a lot. I primarily only use it to listen to albums on my home hi-fi system (Marantz amp w/ NHT monitors) and it sounds great, and has had every album I've ever wanted to listen to.

My son uses Spotify, and when I asked "why" he said "bc it looks cooler." I'm old-fashioned in the sense that I base my music app preferences based on audio quality, and not what the interface is.

I've tried Apple Music, Pandora, Tidal, Deezer, and even had a free trial of Spotify, and others I can't think of, and I've yet to find a "station" of music based on similar artists that I like. Seems like they all play the same old stuff I've heard thousands of times, and cater to what other people of the genre consider "hits."
I’m still a fan of Pandora, the commercials are irritating but, it’s free and I can build my own channels.
Currently, I’m on a Tejano kick, pretty widespread stuff if you use the “deep cuts” button!
Again, it’s free!
Yeah I tried Amazon Prime but you gotta be a Philadelphia Lawyer to figure out how to use it. Pandora much more simple
Spotify...I listen to a lot of music and I love how easy it is to search for favorites but also find new artists. I pay the $10 a month for no commercials and freedom to develop playlists. Sound quality is great and downloading is easy if I am going out of cell range which I do quite often.