What is going on with this brisket?



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So my in-laws bought “half a cow” and this is the brisket they got. It looks like an AGGRESSIVELY trimmed packer. It weighs less than 5lbs.

Is that what this is? Is it a weird flat? How long do you think this will cook for? Thinking of getting it on around 8 to be ready for dinner. At 250 that should work, right?

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Upon further research seems like what I have here is a flat. I'm guessing this'll take 5-8 hours at 225-250?
Hey, Jim, that sure looks like a trimmed flat to me! It might take a bit longer per pound since it still has to go through the stall. What's your cook plan? Naked all the way through? Wrap after stall? Other? I don't recall that I've ever cooked just a flat, so I don't have too much to offer, other than would love to hear how this turns out!

I would definitely go low and slow with that flat rather than hot and fast since it's been trimmed that much. I don't think smoking a flat only changes the time required vs a whole packer. Putting it on early is a safe bet, and you should probably use the ole texas crutch (wrapping tight in foil at about 160 t o 170) if you want to eat at 5 o'clock. When you're at 200 to 202 and it feels right, drop it in a cooler until it's time to carve & serve. Generally speaking the longer a brisket hangs out in the cooler before you carve it, the better. Good luck!
I would agree, from my experiences cooking brisket. I often will separate the flat from the point when the meat is raw.....maybe some find this a terrible thing to do but I always turn the point into burnt ends. This is a crowd favorite, and both the point and the flat take the same amount of time to reach that 203 that I like to hit. I personally would start as early as you can and get that bark as dark as you can, wrap the stall and let it spend as much time in the cooler as you can, 4 hours is even good but taking this route you may only have time for about an hour in the cooler. I personally have not cooked brisket in 8 hours or less before. I like the looks of the cut on that meat, a solid 1/4 of fat down one side is what i like to see but I'm sure this is going to make some nice brisket.
That is really weird. I see some point meat on the right side and along the top. You can see that the grain is perpendicular to the meat on the left/bottom. They probably sold it as a flat. I've gotten "flats" that have a ton of point left on them. The point is my favorite part, though.