What IF... You had to start over...



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Let's assume space aliens beamed all your grilling and smoking gear to a galaxy far far away.

Its insured, and you got the check today. Market value, replacement value, whatever you were good with the amount.

What would you get knowing what you know now?

If you need to replace a unicorn, presume it's on ebay and can be replaced, but only a unicorn you had already.
My glen blue 26, my smokin brothers pellet grill, and I'd want to add a jambo stick burner. As much as I love and enjoy my wsm's, I can indirect the 26 as needed and roll the jambo on the weekends. I have found I really enjoy running a fire on the weekends. Wow, I just found out a few things about myself!
First, I'd call Capt. Kirk and Mr. Spock and the guy in the red shirt about a mission to go get my 22" WSM back...... The guy in the red shirt wouldn't survive the mission, and we'd blow the dilithium crystals, but at least I'll get my WSM back.

After retrieving my WSM, and committing insurance fraud, I'd use my ill gotten gains to buy a heavy duty offset smoker, like a Yoder Wichita or similar, and I'd get a Weber 22" Performer for weeknight cooks.

I'd write a book about the experience, and donate the proceeds to the forum ;)
I would go with a Franklin pit, my glen blue 26, my first performer and a big *** blackstone!! EASY!!
Sad the guy in the red shirt always dies! Be a great episode if he came out in top!!
Yes! The red shirt guy should have his day. A mission where he saves Capt. Kirk's *ss and finds a really great interstellar bbq joint and brings 5 or 6 racks of ribs back for Scotty and Bones and gets a back rub from Lt Uhura...
Probably a Masterbuilt Gravity Series 800 grill and griddle, and maybe a Napoleon Prestige 500 but may not need if the Masterbuilt did everything it claimed.
With what I know now: Replace the 14" and 18" WSM's; replace Genesis II LX 345 with Spirit 210 something; replace Performer Premium with Performer Deluxe.
But I've never been called the sharpest tool in the shed. :LOL:
I'd replace my WSM with another 18.5. I'd replace one 22" kettle with a Performer, and the other with another 22" kettle. I'm pretty much satisfied with what I have. And the solid 24k gold Smokey Joe* would finance a new covered pavilion outdoor cooking station.

*Assuming the insurance claim adjuster could be bribed with bbq. 🤣
Weber summit charcoal, keep my gas assist Performer replace my Silver C with a Genesis II E-335 wife would never give up the gasser.
Well since I can't justify spending 8 to 10 grand on the charcoal grill and insulated vertical cabinet I would love to have nor would all of what I have now pay for it. I'll just keep my 22.5 wsm, 26er, performer with fold down table and performer deluxe and two 304 ss 30x48 tables and all the other gear I have. Now if I spend 30 grand on a new kitchen for the boss lady I might have a fighting chance once it's paid off. Of course by that time something else will be more important.

Not to mention many can hardly get 1 grill/smoker so I feel pretty lucky with what I have.
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This is a great question. After my $2000 deductible I'll probably have just enough to get a Jumbo Joe. :(

But, you said we are happy with the amount so here is what I would get. Weber Summit Charcoal, 18.5 WSM, Jumbo Joe and the new Traveler.
M-Grills M1, MAK 1 Star, Weber Genesis SX-335. I love my WSCG, but would like to be able to sling logs every now and then. I like my 2 Star, but would like a smaller footprint if I had a M1.
I would upsize the BGE to an XL, and set it up with a billows. Probably stay with the smoke x4.

I would look for one gasser to replace the silver B and the E 330. Rotisserie is a must. Hot sear is a must. Side burner? Maybe I'd get one that's separate.

The Pit Boss would not be replaced. Not sure I'd go with another pellet. One factor is the fan noise.
Based on having to stay in the same $$ ballpark, I would just replace my Summit S6 Kamado with another one. This thing has cured me of wanting anything else really...

It just does everything very well!
Probably replace my 4 main users, my Performer, WSM 18, WSM 22, and my Smokefire EX6. After many years and many, many grills, I use all four of these all of the time, and couldn't imagine giving up any of them. Of course, that's until the next latest and greatest thing comes out. ;)
The others that I have are all semi-retired, I get them out once in a while just to justify keeping them, but wouldn't replace them if they were gone.