What Brand of Pellets?

I just tried a bulk order for lumber jack. Ended up being under 8 dollars a bag but needed to order at least 26 twenty pound bags and have the inconvenience of needing to wait 2 months for the order to be fulfilled and pick it up from a local transit hub.
Sounds like something I would do.
Just saw this B&B review by TrendKill BBQ from Sept. 6th. I prefer straight-up Hickory or Mesquite. but he reviews the B&B Championship Blend.

The B&B Championship Blend is very good but are not readily available in Northern Illinois so I have to order from ACE at $29 for a 40 pound bag. I normally use Lumberjack at $10 for a 20 pound bag from Farm & Fleet
That was an interesting video about B&B. It sounds really good. I don’t think you can go wrong with Lumberjack, and I have had awesome results with Weber’s GrillMaster blend. Hoping to try Pit Boss Competition blend which is more readily available and cheap.

I am glad to now live close to a Rural King, though! I like that Lumberjack sells a number of 100% single wood type pellets. That allows you to make your own blends.
These are our “go to” pellets as well. One observation I have and it’s purely cosmetic, is these pellets vary dramatically in color from bag to bag. Some super light, some super dark. I never notice any difference in flavor or smoke...

Two bags mixed together:

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I noticed that too, but as you say don't notice any difference in the flavor or smoke.
I am using the B&B competition pellets, most of the pellets I have been using are the Weber smoke fire competition. The B&B seems to work great only have about 20lbs thru the Smokefire. The Weber Smokefire competition blend I have about 140lbs of those burned. The B&B are bigger pellets but they seem to work so far haven't done anything that is over 3 hours yet on the B&B. The Smokefire's auger is a bit small but no pellet jams yet. I have only had one pellet jam on the competition, and 140lbs is about 60 hours of cook time. With the B&B I have about 7-9 hours cook time on them so I cannot say if they will not cause issues on a longer cook. I have done 1 reverse sear cook at smoke boost, and then 600+. I have done chicken breasts at a steady 350. Tonight I am doing a Whole chicken at smoke boost for 2 hours then a step to 350, for about 30 mins, and 425 for about 30 mins. No problems yet on the B&B pellets.